Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 29

Questions and answers on the topic 'Things'


Participant 1: I live on a high floor, during the full moon I put the water on the balcony, and sometimes I hand out wet clothes, is that good?

Rositsa Avela: Ideally the bowl made of natural material should be broader, must be open and be placed on the ground, regardless of whether that is soil, sand, rocks or grass. At sunset, the water may be left on a meadow in the woods, that is outside the dome of the settlement, and at sunrise to bring it back and pour into plastic bottles.

The full moon water remains active until the next full moon.

If left on the balcony the water will become a full moon water, but its strength will be lower. In that case, if you need to purify some item that is saturated with a strong negative energy, sprinkling it with that water may be without the desired result. About handing out the wet clothes during the night, it would be much better if clothes are left in the wash basins with water to stay under the rays of the moon on the night of the full moon.

Participant 1: Is such water active after the next full moon?

Rositsa Avela: It would work, but its strength gradually decreases with time.

Participant 2: Should the water be left after the sunset?

Rositsa Avela: That's irrelevant. The important is that the water should be illuminated by the moon for at least 1 hour. If there are dense clouds, however, there isn’t chance for the water to become a full moon water with its respective purifying properties. In this case, one wait until the next full moon.

If it happens that a person needs to transform the negativity in some items and we is without full moon water, he always may use holy water from the church and Living Water, which he can prepare himself by pronouncing the invocation given by Lord Shiva above the water.

Some items, for which we don’t have knowledge about who was using them in the past, for example when you buy second-hand clothes, as well, as some highly harmful items from which we feel unwell, ideally we should spray with all three types of waters.

Participant 2: What is best to do with old items that are in good condition?

Rositsa Avela: It is best to sell them, but before that to spray them with full moon water to clear the energies of those who have used them.

If there isn’t an opportunity to sell, repair or use the items, they need to be burned out, regardless of whether what these things are – foreign or harmful; only in extreme case they might be discarded.

Participant 4: What if the garment is made from synthetic fabric? During its burning, will be released some toxic substances.

Rositsa Avela: Everyone decides for himself how to proceed. If the garment (or any other item made of synthetic material) is:
blue-dotBurned, there are harmful substances released into the atmosphere and the person creates for himself a negative karma;
blue-dotDiscarded, it is probable that some junkie would take it and while wearing it, he would load with karma the person who dumped it and who continues to be its owner or the junkie may start to draw on his energy. It is important to bear in mind that the clothes or any other items made from synthetic materials are impossible to purify and free from the energies of people who have used them, by using the full moon water, as it purifies only fabrics made from natural fibres and items made from natural materials. It is also possible that stray animals would remove the clothes from the rubbish bin and would throw it up around and tear it. However, as the clothing remains the property of the person who has worn it, that person would experience the same effect on his subtle bodies – it would be like the person himself cut his clothing. We have already talked about this.
blue-dotDug into the ground, this increases ulcers on the body of Mother Earth and also creates a negative karma of some amount. In this regard, it is better to have fewer places where the waste is discarded.
blue-dotSold, this remains the best solution.

Almost anything can be sold. Everyone can find a way to do it. One can find a buyer for almost any item. Even quite worn clothing and any other items could be sold at a very low price, for example, 5-10 cents each. There always will be someone to buy them, for example, for rags or use them for something else. Since the items were paid for, they will be useful for the buyer, and the seller will free himself from them it in the best way. Some worn garment or thing could be sold, regardless of whether on the market or on the Internet, as a set of one or several items that are in good condition and this way a person may free himself from it.

When you ask for help from Above to free yourself from all foreign and harmful things in your home, you are given help and you recall how, where and to whom to sell them, you find the right buyers. The important thing is to put your thoughts in this direction and to act. Be creative. Sell with joy and have fun while doing it, as a game. And thanks to the Father, but only indoors, at home.

Participant 3: I gave my bed cover in a shelter for dogs. Is this good?

Rositsa Avela: It is irrelevant now whether it was good. Such questions make sense when something is to be done. When something is already done, regardless of when, yesterday or before 1 or 10 years, that is already past. To regret it if you have learned that you could have done it better is pointless. You all now learned that the best way to get rid of your old things is to sell them, regardless of whether they are foreign, harmful or simply worn.

Whatever has been done in the past, it's done. The best thing at the moment for a person is to focus on what he does at this moment and on what it is about to do. Due to lack of knowledge, many mistakes have been made at all times. Then man pays for them with his energy, the karma is transformed, and the negative energy is converted.

God is infinitely merciful to his children. Now it is given a new energy, allowing all people who are in the Light network of the planet to live consciously, when each one of them comes to the point to say:

'Lord, forgive us our ignorance and lack of Knowledge and teach us to live in the right, from Your point of view way and the best according to Your Will for us way.'

What matters is what we do from this point. From the moment when that Knowledge is given to us.


Addition to part 29

More about the full moon water


Participant 1: Is it good to collect snow on the morning after the night of the full moon and melt it to get a full moon water?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, you can do that. There is plenty of such a full moon water all around us now. The snow around would become a full moon water when it melts.

Participant 2: May a person swim in the lake during a full moon?

Rositsa Avela: Yes he may and that is good.

Participant 3: I have swum in a lake during a full moon. The sensations were interesting. I was alone, but I felt that everything in the lake is alive, and by going into the water, I disturb the harmony in it – by swimming I produced noise in the silence around.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, but you are in Joy, that joy of yours is passed to all other inhabitants around. Elephant also bathes noisily and sprays water from his trunk on himself and around, but he is a part of the whole, and all accept him. Your bathing and swimming is the same. First of all, a person needs to have pure thoughts, be in Joy and filled with Divine Love to the Living Life.

Participant 3: Then I charged myself with energy very powerfully.

Participant 4: When we are preparing the full moon water, we put the water in open glass containers for the night of the full moon and then transfer it into a plastic bottle. Where to put the snow if we want to melt it?

Rositsa Avela: One should put the water in an open bowl made of a natural material, i.e. it could be wooden or pottery, however, the snow one can put directly into a sealed container, where the snow will melt gradually.

Participant 5: May we put the container with the snow on the stove to melt it faster?

Rositsa Avela: That would disturb the purifying effect of the full moon water. The snow in the container needs to melt naturally.


To be continued.