Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 3

Questions and answers

Participant: What happens in a room where people smoke?

Rositsa Avela: Usually in such places, there could be an accumulation of astral beings that feed on the Divine energy of the people. It can happen with people who smoke, as well as with people who are non-smokers, but who condemn the smokers while they smoke or after that.

Participant: Some smokers smoke in my house, what needs to be done? I would like to protect myself somehow.

Rositsa Avela: It would be good to have a room at your disposal, where no one smokes. And the best for you is the kitchen where prepare food for your family. There you would be in purity.

Participant: The kitchen is exactly where they smoke when it is cold on the balcony!

Rositsa Avela: The most important thing is to accept the situation without judging them and without confrontation. However, it is still necessary for you to have a room at your disposal where you could perform your spiritual work in peace.

Participant: This is a great trial. There is no such room.

Rositsa Avela: There is always a solution. Such a room could be even the toilet room. It may be small, but it is important to be clean inside, and you may stay there alone, in peace, in isolation and without the opportunity to be seen by any other person during your spiritual practice.

Participant: May I do there the Spiritual practice of 12 bows and the practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' in my mind?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, you can do that. Even if space is tight, you can do the bows while sitting. The most important is what happens in your head and your heart, that is to say, your thoughts should be pure, your consciousness should be elevated and your heart should be pure to preserve your Divine Love and Joy. The smallest room can be the best for you. Thoroughly clean the room shut the lid of the toilet; you can even cover it with a cloth, then sit down and work.

Participant: And cover the mirror.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, and the room becomes a room for work in spirituality. There you can safely perform your Service for the day in the hours specified from Above, that means until 3 am an astronomical (universal) time when other family members are sleeping. If it happens that someone wants to come and use the toilet at that time, stop your work immediately without any regrets. Say the short invocation given by Buddha Vairocana and go out, preserving your Divine tune/mood.


To be continued.