Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 30

Questions and answers on the topic 'Things' (continuation)


Participant 1: If we have inherited things of deceased grandparents, and these things come to our home, can we keep them after we purify them with full moon water?

Rositsa Avela: Inherited items are your property by law. Of course, you can keep them, if you feel well having them around you. In that case, it is pointless to purify them. But if you feel unwell because of one of them, even though it is your property, that means that it is in the category of harmful things and then you have to purify it. In case the purification doesn’t help, it would be best to sell the thing.

If a person has received an item as inheritance, relations between him and the testator were filled with much Love and that feeling is there even though the testator, for instance, grandmother or grandfather, has left his incarnation, in that case, it is best for the person to refrain from doing an energy purification of the inherited item. Because the energy connection between them is preserved through that item, and because of the memories about the deceased loved one.

Thus, a person can help the deceased – to his soul. The help is increasing, and their relationship is strengthened if the inheritor blesses his deceased close one to continue his evolution successfully and to ascend to that level of the subtle plane, which he needs to reach.

In turn, the soul of the kin can help from the subtle plane, where he is after the exit from his incarnation. That help could be especially big when the inheritor uses the item, blesses his close and thanks him for the help.

That way it is established a two-way connection, and that's good because through that connection it is created good karma.

A person can help his deceased close relative by his blessing, by directing to him his Gratitude and Divine Love and even more by taking some of his negative karma for working off, while he is still here on the physical plane. That is very good.

If someone is without a desire to burden himself with the negative karma of his deceased relative with whom his relations were less close and cordial, then it is better once he receives the heritage to donate to God for it. To transform that way, the karma of the deceased that comes with the things of the heritage and to break the energy bond between the heritage and the deceased person. Donating to God also stops the opportunity the karma of the deceased person to be transferred to those who have received the inheritance through the items of the inheritance in the future.

When the person, who has made the transition, was a good man without much negative karma and some of the heirs have received from him an item and used it, the inheritor may ask the soul of the deceased for help in a difficult situation. And the soul of deceased one may connect with the inheritor through that item much easier on the material plane and help him by giving him some of his good karma, which the inheritor would receive much faster if he uses that item.

In situations like the last one, a person needs to take good care of the inherited things with all his Divine Love. And to use them. Because through these things he is being helped. Things help.

You can see how good the consequences might be. Whatever the case, when one knows what is the right from the Divine perspective thing to do and do that, then everything is in his favour.


Participant 2: How to use the things left by a person who has made the transition being into a state of dementia and with diapers? The family of that man gave me one item.

Rositsa Avela: First ask your heart how it perceives that item. What it wants to do. If you feel good and everything is fine, you can keep that item. But first the item needs to become your property because you haven’t inherited it, the heirs have given you that item and you haven’t given them something in return. It would be best if you give them some item in gratitude for what you have received from them. Or to feast them and explicitly and clearly tell in front of them that you are very grateful for that item, it serves you very well (if that’s true) and that is why you invited them to a feast. They need to clearly understand that this is a treat for the item that they have given you. Then that item becomes your property.

If the person, whose item you are using, has made his transition under more difficult circumstances, because of wearing the diapers, he might be still stuck in the lower layers of, the higher plane, and now it is difficult for him to ascend. You can help him by thanking him for the item, having a Divine Love for him and blessing him to continue his evolution successfully and to ascend to the level that is allocated to him from Above with ease. And finally, compulsory to pronounce the word-formulas: 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   ' Maybe that's why his relatives have given you that item, without even realising the real reason, prompted by his soul, who seeks help and knows that you can give it him!


Participant 3: I bought gifts for my mother. My mom has made a transition, and these items for long-term use went to her granddaughter – the daughter of my sister. Who is the owner of these items now?

Rositsa Avela: It depends on the circumstances. There are three possibilities, and you will decide which option covers your case:
blue-dotThe items are your property if when you have given them to your mother as a gift, she's missed to give you something in return. In that case, you can ask your niece to pay you a symbolic sum of money, so that these items become her property and you still keep your good relations. Or if she doesn’t need them, to return them to you, if she wants;
blue-dotThe items are a property of your niece if the following three conditions are met:
1) your mother has become their owner, by giving you something in return, when you have given them her as a gift;
2) while your mother was alive she announced in front of all her future successors that these items are for her granddaughter if she takes care of her until she leaves that world and the granddaughter did that and
3) the other successors have agreed with that her will in front of her and front of her granddaughter;
blue-dotThe items were inheritable and are common ownership of all inheritors of your mother when in the previous case was satisfied only condition 1, i.e. your mother has become their owner, but without satisfying the second and third conditions. In that case, even if the granddaughter was using these items, they remain co-owned by all heirs of your mother, who by law are entitled to receive an inheritance from her. Then it is required to make division/partition between them or your niece who currently uses them, to pay them off by giving all other heirs some symbolic sums or small gifts in return, or individually to help each of them in something with his work or to do some service. Before she begins, she needs to clearly say that she is doing it to pay specifically for that inherited item or all inherited items together, so that from now on they become only her property.


To be continued.