Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 31

Questions and answers on the topic 'Things' (continuation)


Participant 1: What happens with the things that previously I gave as a gift to someone the contact with whom have already been terminated? Am I the owner of these things?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, you remain the owner if that person failed to give you something in return when you give these items to him as a gift, neither he paid you even some small amount, a symbolic amount of money.

Participant 1: How can I heal that situation?

Rositsa Avela: One may say an invocation in which to ask for help from Above to be allowed to cease his ownership over the items that he has given as a gift to anyone so far. The cease of his ownership can happen in a many different ways. A person, to whom the items were given as a gift, or his relatives, for instance, can get a sudden urge to sell them, which is the best, or the things may break or spoil and be discarded or lost, someone would find them and sell because he needs money, etc. After the person says that invocation for help from Above it is best to leave everything in God's hands. So that the things happen in the best from the Lords perspective way for that person. This is another invocation, it is different from the other received invocations, and it is also important:

Lord, I ........... (the first name), demand, sincerely wish and ask,
if such is Your Holy Will,
to give me help from Above,
and to terminate my right of ownership
in regards to all things,
which I have given as gifts to anyone in my life so far;
which I have lent and haven’t got them back, and when I ask for them the people refuse to have them, or I haven’t an opportunity to claim them;
which are co-owned with someone who uses them and keeps them as his own;
which are my inheritance by law, but other people have them without the intention to give them back to me;
which someone else keeps and uses for some other reason without having the right to do so.
To break the energy bond that these my items create between me and those, who have them now.
I give You, Lord, my ownership over these my belongings
and leave everything in Your hands.
I leave it up to Your discretion to deal with them in the best from Your perspective way, dear Heavenly Father!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, Lord, for the help!
Thank you all the Forces of Light for help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Now that you know what the best is do all that is necessary to free yourself from your co-ownership when you can. It is best to ask to receive something from that joint ownership – as the other owners decide and want, regardless of what that is.

Ideally, you should free yourself from such situation, where your property is kept/hold and used by other people.

When opening an inheritance ideally, you should partition it with other heirs immediately, before it is too late.


To be continued.