Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 33

Questions and answers on the topic 'Things' (continuation)


Participant 1: When a person borrows books from the public library and read them, what is the energy influence from the books, as they aren’t his property, but he is using them?

Rositsa Avela: If the person pays his membership for using the library, he may safely use the books which are there. Even if the service is free, as long as the library is a public and that person is a citizen of that country and pay his taxes, then he can safely enjoy/use all the social benefits of that country, and it's good from an energy point of view.

However, if it comes to a private library, which is owned, for example, by some foundation, an individual person or corporation, whatever it is, which allows people to read its owned books for free of charge, as a donation, then to avoid receiving and working off the negative karma of that individual or juridical entity, before a person begins to take books for reading or start using any other services that are available there for 'free', he needs to pay by making a monetary donation of any amount as gratitude for what they provide as a service to the people.

Everything said here so far, refers to the reading of books that are in good energy state, and the membership that needs to be paid or donation that needs to be made to prevent taking of a foreign negative karma.

However, if some book was taken for reading by someone who has lost his purity, then that book may become a very dangerous thing that draws the energy from the space around and especially drawing a lot from the following people who take it to read it.

That is why a person needs to be constantly vigilant and monitors himself – how he feels. If during the reading that book, he felt unwell after a while, then he needs to return it immediately.

Because who wants such, so severely harmful thing that is like a black hole and sucks the energy from everything around, to stay in his house. Or, for instance, his car to be energy drained while he transports the book to the library, as the car will take the first hit instead of the person. Which could immediately or in the future lead to an accident due to the serious damage to the car.

Therefore, in that case of a strong harmfulness, it is advisable to use a courier for returning the book to the library, who would come to take the book straight from home. Regardless of how expensive that might be, it is very worth to do it!

Everything said so far about that book applies to any other harmful thing.


To be continued.