Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 36

Questions and answers


Participant 1: On this meeting, we learned that there are six rules and if a person follows all of them his clothes would be useful and good for wearing by him. One of these rules is when a person buys clothes, to pay for them with clean money, which is the remaining part of the money after the Divine tithe and Donation to God has been separated from each received income. My question is – what is best from the Lord perspective to do with some of the clothes that I bought before I learned about the Teaching of giving the Divine tithes and Donation to God and that this Law, given to us by the Lord to help us in the Way, is very useful?

Rositsa Avela: On our previous meetings, you were told, and you know that if a person fails to pay the Divine tithe and Donation of God from their income accordingly, later on, when he uses the money when he buys things with it, he receives some karma from the one who gave him that money – the employer, testator, or the state if it is a pension or social assistance. Quite often things purchased with such money also receive some of that karma and become polluted karmically. Then, the one who bought them or the members of his family has to work off somehow that karma when they use these things.

Therefore, that is a good question – what to do with the things, which are personal property, but without being completely clean of a negative karma? Obviously, that could be cumbersome during the progress on the Path of the spiritual development. The answer is as follows:

All that karma you have already had received and started working it off. That happens to all people on the planet who break that Divine Law, even if they are ignorant about it. They burden themselves with the karma of those from whom the money comes from, which money they receive when they are using that money without purifying them first by separating the Divine tithes and Donation to God from them.

You've already partially worked off that karma and continued to work it off. What matters is what you would be doing from that moment, now that you know how to act properly from the Lord's perspective. When a person acts in a right way after he has come to the Teaching given from Above by the Hierarchy of Light, the Lord take care of him, so that he may free himself from everything old that hinders him, and that happens with a Divine acceleration and multiplication! That's why we have been given the Divine Mercy to convert in just one day, on the 23rd day, the whole negative karma that would normally be worked off during the next month, if during that day we dedicate to that karmic cleansing our work in spirituality and materiality.

I am telling you that yesterday it was completely transformed the whole negative karma for the next month of everyone who is present here. And of these two people to whom each attendee has decided to help, part of the karma of these nations, whose representatives are present at this meeting, and part of the common karma of humanity too – such a tremendous Divine multiplication is obtained during our work here at our meeting!

Participant 1: I noticed that when we met on Friday, several people said they have various health issues. I also had a few. So, now I want to ask what is the cause and the root cause of that? Probably it matters that we are meeting with more and more people who have lost their purity and part of the things surrounding us are becoming more and more harmful by draining our energy? And because of that, all these things happen to us?

Rositsa Avela: First, I will tell you what is the root cause of the 'failures' of some of you. My meeting with the Father Presence of One in the days of the winter solstice was longer this time, and I worked more and longer with Him. A particle of His energy was present for more days in my temple. In order, all of you to meet with me very soon after that, all of you needed to become more clean. That was the best for everyone. An accelerated karmic cleansing was started, during which some of you had to work off a few karmic records simultaneously. That, in turn, affected your physical bodies in a more cumbersome way.

Something may happen to anyone on the physical plane. In such a moment, a person has to thank a lot. A person needs to accept everything and to thank, because the cause is an energy and if he immediately thanks wholeheartedly, as soon as he is left alone, then the karmic root cause is quickly converted and person’s physical temple recovers. All that happens if the situation is without aggravating circumstances, i.e. besides his personal purity, the person’s home also needs to be clean, without harmful things in it, the people leaving with him also need to be clean, and his workplace also needs to be clean.

With regard to causes:

On the one hand, when a person meets with people who have lost their purity, they can drain quite a lot of his Divine energy, and as a result, his physical body suffers and degrades in one degree or another.

On the other hand, the energy of the planet rises, which leads to an increasingly negative impact by the foreign and harmful things, as proportionally increases their ability to drain from the Divine energy of the person who uses them. Because of the energy bond with their real owner, if he becomes more and more karmically contaminated or loses his purity. That effect will increase with each subsequent equinox and solstice when the energy of the planet increases and its vibration raises.

Therefore, the Father Presence of One himself decreed to start clearing of our belongings everywhere – at home and in workplaces. All of us for the last several years were intensively cleaning our inner temples, all of our lower bodies – on each 23rd day we were saying invocation and performing a work in spirituality, we were writing letters to the Karmic Board 4 times a year, we were working during our meetings, we were reading the Messages, watching the Messages-Pictures and doing everything else (that was recommended). That helped us a lot. But we forgot about our homes and our things, and they are carriers of a part of our energy, so they can both help and harm us.

We need to take care to remove the harmful things and leave only the clean and useful things for us. Henceforward we need to obtain only pure things which would have to become our property immediately. We need to take care of all that and to apply the Teaching on the things, which was given to us in fullness. The time for that has come.

The most important in regards to things, which is why they were given so much considerable attention on this meeting of ours is as follows:

The things are carriers of the energy of their owner and they are imbued with it. For that reason, if a person successfully passes through the transitional times, the part of his belongings, which are made from natural materials and have a good energy, including the buildings possessed by that person, will also successfully pass through these times, intact and in good condition. After the transition the person will have only them and will count on them!


To be continued.