Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 37

Questions and answers


Rositsa Avela: Which items and materials after the Transition will pass to the new world?

In other words – what can pass during the Transition of the entire planet to the higher energy level allotted to it by the Father, which is itself a time of Transition of the humanity from fifth to the sixth root race?

Presence of One gave the following answer in the days of winter solstice:

'Through the Transition will pass all natural materials and the whole Living Life, that is My Creation, as well as the things, which are a fruit of the human creation, made from natural materials that are personal property of those who will successfully pass through the transition and whose (people and things) energy is bond to the Light network of the planet.'

There isn’t an incarnated person on this planet who would know when would this Transition happen. That is why the Beloved Jesus said that everyone should always be ready. For example, if in the clothes of a person there are pieces of synthetic fabrics, synthetic threads and other synthetic parts (buttons, zips etc.) that may impede that person from making the Transition and passing to (appearing at) the new, higher energy level together with the whole planet and the Living Life on it or for that would be used significant part of the energy of that person.

In the answer given by Presence of the One there are two groups outlined that can pass through the Transition:

1. All natural materials and whole Living Life that is the Creation of the Father One and

2. Things that are a product of the human creation, of the human labour. However, they have to meet the three requirements:

blue-dotTo be made of natural materials;

blue-dotTo be a personal property of those who will successfully pass through the transition;

blue-dotTheir energy to be bonded to the Light network of the planet.

Only those things can pass through the Transition together with people who are ready and can pass.

Imagine that the whole planet with the Living Life on it suddenly pass to a new energy level, which is much higher than the present one. That means passing into another dimension, on the subtler plane of the Existence. The whole planet would be cleaned at once from all synthetic things. The people who pass through the transition – those who in the time of the transition are in the Light network of the planet, who are karmically pure enough and generally pure on all levels, after the transition would have at their disposal only those things that are their property, which things are made of 100% natural materials and also are in the Light network. Our planet would be such – pure and natural.

However, at this moment very few people are ready to pass through that Transition successfully. Thus, at the moment are undergoing the Transitional times, during which four times a year in the days of the equinox and the solstice the planet passes again and again through mini transition on a slightly higher energy level. That way the planet and the Living Life on it attune for the moment of the great Transition. The people clean themselves from karma with an ever-escalating pace. And that is best for the survival of the human kind and the transition of as many people as possible from the fifth into the sixth Root Race.

Presence of One gave the following recommendation:

'Whenever you build something new or repair something old, ideally before you start using it, you should bless it and sprinkle it with all the three types of water:
blue-dota full moon water, which the moon prepare for you,
blue-dota holy water – collected from the temple and prepared with the assistance of a sacrum practising person and
blue-dota Living water that everyone prepares himself by saying over it the invocation for the transformation of the water into Living Water, given to you by Lord Shiva.

Do the same with all new things that you bring into your home. That way they get purified and repolarised, in order for them to be in the Light network of the planet.

All things that are already in the home of a person who is in the Light network, things that are in use, they have been already repolarised, but for that purpose, it has been used part of the energy of that person. It is true that every item can be purified directly with energy, but for that it is used part of the personal energy of that person. Instead of keeping it for the successful and easier passing through the transitional times, since there is another way to achieve that purification and passing of the items into the Light network.

If you lack any of the waters, you can achieve the same result with only one type of water, but purification with that single water needs to be repeated for three consecutive days, regardless of whether the moon is increasing or decreasing. The important thing is to be done immediately when the new thing comes into your property.'


To be continued.