Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 38

Other questions and answers


Rositsa Avela: What recommendations have to be given us from Above regarding the haircut, so that we feel good after a visit to a hairdresser?

Answer: 1. When a person needs to have a haircut, it would be good to feel with his heart what kind of a person is the hairdresser in front of him. It is good and acceptable to have haircut done only by a person who is predominantly in the network of Light. When he had found such hairdresser, he should have haircuts only by him, because the hairdresser comes into direct contact with his seventh primary chakra on top of his head, through which is realised the contact with the Lord. The hairdresser must be a clean person both karmically and in every other way.

2. The person who is going to have a haircut ideally should bring some paper sheet in which all his cut hairs would be picked up, but only his hairs. That means that before the haircut the room needs to be well cleansed from hairs of previous customers.

The cut hairs have the genetic code of the person, they carry his energy, and it is harmful to mix them with the cut hair of other people either on the floor or later in the bin because it comes to an energy contamination on the subtle plane.

The hairs of man are like plants. When one pick a plant, the plant stays alive for a long time as it remains connected to other plants of the same species on the field level. The hairs of man, even when they are cut off, they also remain energy connected to the rest of the hairs on the man for quite a long time.

When a person’s cut hairs come into contact with someone else's hairs, they can be contaminated with karma, and that contamination could be transferred to the rest of the persons’ hairs on the subtle plane. That way a foreign karma is transferred into the aura of the person, and he began to work it off.

The same applies for the other hairs on the human body.

The cut hair is best to be burned. Everyone has to burn it himself, and the hairs of young children have to be burned by their parents. The same applies to hair that falls when combing it. Ideally, it should be gathered and burned.

3. The best time to trim the hair is early morning. It is important for a person to be the first customer, who the hairdresser touches that day while the hairdresser is rested and revived during the night and still clean from taking an energy contamination from other customers.

Participant 1: What is important in regards to dying of hair?

Rositsa Avela: The most important thing is to use natural dyes, for example, henna or other herbal decoctions.


To be continued.