Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 39

Questions and answers regarding the sleepiness during a journey


Participant 1: My question relates to a situation that happened to me yesterday, on the way to this meeting. It is something that happened to me several times already. When I sat on the train, while we were waiting for it to depart, I felt a sudden severe sleepiness, although a moment ago, I was completely awake and alert. What ideally should be done in such cases when a person feels a strong desire to sleep and is among other people?

Rositsa Avela: That question was received on the meeting, and the answer was given by the Father Presence of the One in the days after the vernal equinox of 2016:

'Astral beings of a certain kind cause the sleepiness so that they can feed on the energy of a person when he falls asleep among other people who are energy contaminated. Then the person usually ends up on the astral plane, where these beings draw on his energy. At that point, when the person is on the astral plane, while asleep, his energy is drawn by all people around who are in the network of the darkness and generally in any of the networks of the illusion. Often, that is exactly what happens when a person falls asleep in a public place, under the dome of the human settlements, in front of other people without having created his protection.

Ideally, the person should be awake and do everything necessary to stay awake! For example, to sprinkle himself with water, to talk on the phone, to make his to-do lists, etc.

Everyone has to find for himself the way that keeps him awake.'

Rositsa Avela: Related to this question was another question that I asked Presence of the One previous year (2015) in the days around the Winter Solstice.

There are places on the roads, where a person suddenly begins to feel sleepy, he strongly desires to sleep and even falls asleep immediately while he passes these places. When a person passes frequently the same road, he may notice that at a particular section of the road, which always happens in the same place, he has strong desire to sleep (becomes very sleepy). The same sudden sleepiness is observed at public places where lots of people gather and have to wait for a long time in one place, such as airports, railway stations, bus stations, etc.

I asked the question: What are these places and what is the best thing the person should do to stay awake?

Answer of Presence of the One: These are places full of astral beings. When present in such places a person may feel very strong desire to sleep and may even fall asleep immediately, including while driving. Meanwhile, his energy is drawn. That is the reason for many accidents crashes. That is why on the roads there are some places with a higher concentration of traffic accidents. The astral beings do all this. They can lull people to sleep, and some of them are very good specialists in that field.

Sometimes the astral beings lull the driver to sleep for a few seconds or a second, even for a fraction of the second. Then abruptly awaken him, and he is startled when he sees that the car has moved on the side of the road and he realises that he had fallen asleep at the wheel for a moment. That is exactly what the astral beings aim – when a person is startled, his protection breaks down and they get access to his Divine energy. Sometimes, though they are late with the awakening the driver or he lacks enough experience, fast reactions and the skill to act in critical situations properly, and then it comes to an accident.

The best protection for a person is to:

1) To travel only in daylight, in the time between the sunrise and the sunset;

2) Has slept well and been well rested before heading on the road;

3) To be well fed without being overfed;

4) To make stops for resting more often if he felt that he is sleepy, by stopping at good places – open, airy and clean both in energy and physically – without a junk scattered around;

Comment by Rositsa Avela: It is better to avoid stopping at the major roadside rest stops, because there is usually plenty of astral beings who are waiting exactly for that – the arrival of new energy donors. Therefore, it is much better to choose a wider place along the road at which to stop for a rest, but it is even better to stop the car near a smaller side road with little traffic on it.

5) To drink plenty of water during the journey;

Comment by Rositsa Avela: If a person has some difficulty in swallowing plenty water at once, then he can drink it in smaller portions, but more often. It is also good to remember that this recommendation is for the cases when a person feels that he is sleepy during his travel. Also, once a person had had to drink more water, later he needs to be very careful when choosing a toilet so that it is a place without a direct visibility to him;

6) To sprinkle himself and the car with a Living water;

Comment by Rositsa Avela: You know which water is the Living one – the one above which you had pronounced the invocation given by Lord Shiva for transforming the water into a Living water.

7) To sprinkle himself and the car with a full moon water;

8) To incense with frankincense (olibanum) himself, other passengers if there are any and they wish that, the car inside while doors are closed and then start the travel. It is advisable to always have with you in the car coals, frankincense and an incense bowl for indirect burn of the cense;

9) To chew a clove of garlic and to utter as you were already instructed by Master Morya; that is also topical;

Comment by Rositsa Avela: I had to search and find in my notes the exact words of the instructions given by Master Morya during the summer of 2011, which I attached below.


I AM Master Morya

I AM in your temple and enjoy the harmony and balance that prevails within you and around you. Yes, I am sending you these blue butterflies. They are a gift to you, Beloved! You correctly have seen through the information about the garlic; that information is bonded in the space.

The garlic repels beings from the astral. It emanates a substance to which they are without a tolerance. To achieve the maximum effect, it is important the quality of intake of the garlic and its quantity – a single clove of garlic per eating is sufficient.

Ideally, you should eat some garlic before bedtime when you have been in the cities and before going into places crowded with people, which swarm with astral and other similar beings around the people, as well as into the people, who have given their temples and energy to these beings.

It is important that:

1) while you chew the garlic your mouth is open;

2) to chew it slowly until it becomes a paste in your mouths;

3) to chew just garlic (your mouth should be free from other foods and flavours, to be rinsed);

4) the garlic is raw;

5) while you are doing it you thank the Father for the protection that he gives you.

As you already know, that is harmless to your vibration, because when a person is at crowded places his vibration is quite low anyway, however, it is much more valued that he is saved. Also, when he returns at home, ideally he should first clean himself from any possible astral presence within himself or around him. Only then he can do the spiritual practice that he uses to prepare himself for the evening upliftment before bedtime – when he is free from the foreign presence.

Those who say that the garlic prevents them from establishing a contact, you can imagine the establishing of contact with what kind of beings they are talking about.

I AM Master Morya, with Love and care watching over all who carry within the Light of the Living Life!


During the following years, that practice has confirmed that the garlic helps and protects against various types of astral beings when chewed in a way described by Master Morya. Additionally, it was advised that:

blue-dotIf a whole clove of raw garlic is too much for someone, he may take only part of the clove for chewing;

blue-dotWhile chewing slowly and continuously the garlic with an open mouth, one need to exhale the breathing air through the mouth;

blue-dotand to say at the same time silently or aloud the following:

'Thank You, Lord, for the protection that you are giving me through the chewing of this garlic!
Thank You, Master Morya, for this technique and the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!'

The most important in these times is that while chewing the garlic and while thanking the Lord and Master Morya for the given technique, the car should be stopped near the road and the person has to be covered with a veil of natural plant fabric, i.e. lack of possibility to be seen by any other person.

10) To sprinkle himself and the car with holy water from the church;

Comment by Rositsa Avela: After a person has done it, it would be good to thank the Father for the protection that is being created at that moment, and again is well covered with a veil made of natural plant fabric (cotton, linen, hemp etc.).

11) To occupy himself with something, for instance, the passengers may think about and note their to-do lists; the driver may start a conversation with the passengers, etc.;

12) If the driver is travelling alone, it is good to talk to someone on the phone, so that he is awake and his consciousness is occupied. That way a person may complete a lot of tasks being on the road, when the road has its dome, and currently almost all roads already have their dome, except the dirt roads within nature, outside the settlements. Yes, that is news for you.

Comment by Rositsa Avela: During the telephone conversation, the driver hands should be free, of course. During driving the safety rules needs to be observed and the person needs to observe the rules of the road (the traffic law), because if one observes the human laws, i.e. the laws of the physical plane, which helps him to observe the Divine Laws as well.

13) To ring a bell and this way to purify the space. (Ideally, the bell should have a clear tone with a continuous sound that would vibrate in the air for as long time as it possible.)

Comment by Rositsa Avela: Everyone may apply some of the listed above ways to prevent sleepiness and to promote awareness if he feels sleepy. The one he feels that would be the most efficient for him and dependant on the type of the transport that he uses, as well as the possibilities at the moment. If he still feels sleepy afterwards, let him try the next way that he chooses from the list. If needed, one may continuously change the ways he applies.


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* Master Morya has in mind these people who have come to live outside the domes of the settlements and only sometimes have to attend some business in the city. The recommendation applies with full strength also for those living in cities.


To be continued.