Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 4

Questions and answers

Participant: To what extent a person is protected at his workplace from the forces of illusion and from the negative impact of the work he does?

Rositsa Avela: When a person is in God, on 100% connected to the network of Light and strictly observes the 5 Rules-Guidelines, he has the full protection and can strengthen it if necessary, if it weakens, and he can also rebuild it* if it is destroyed. However, if a person needs extra protection and he feels it, he can strengthen his protection only when he is completely covered or go to the toilet room so that he can be alone at this time and avoid the possibility of being seen while he asks to be given support from Above.

Sometimes a person may feel suddenly very tired with reduced protection. That happens when nearby there is someone very negative or is a strong representative of the forces of darkness, or who has lost his purity. When a person feels that his energy is taken and it flows away, it is best to move away from the place or go away. But if he is at work and there is no such possibility, then he can go to the toilet and stay there longer. When he returns, the situation may have changed, because the harmful person may be gone.

The situation becomes more complicated if a person works with such harmful or very harmful people. If there are such people among his colleagues or superiors, it is best to change his job as the energy loss may be very large, and it is extremely risky to go to this work at all, because on such workplace a person may begin to lose much more than he earns. And what he loses is impossible to recover even for all the money in the world!

Participant: I work with people and illusory music on a large scale. I say that as an example, as I'm interested to know what the protection against negative people is? My motive for being in such a place and listening to such music is to work for money to feed my family. Does my motive affect the degree of my protection? Does it make any difference? Is my protection more powerful when staying in such a place and among people in the illusion is related to my official duties? Because I noticed that the illusory music affects me less bad when I'm at work than when it happens to listen to such music out of my official duties.

Rositsa Avela: Of course, there is a difference if an activity that is more illusory is done for pleasure or it is done for the sustenance of the family.

In the second case, when the intention is feeding the family, and the person knows that his work is harmful, he wants to change it, but without result so far: then the Divine energy of the person who is in God is used to transmute the respective manifestation of the illusion, accompanied by the energy of Lord Shiva – the destroyer of everything illusory in this world. In our previous meetings, I mentioned that every job is good and the Divine energy needs to be planted everywhere to change the world for Good.

When a person listens to illusory music for pleasure, and that is his choice, his protection is destroyed because he sins, knowing that that is something harmful and choosing nevertheless to do so. Such action contradicts the 12th Divine Commandment: 'Live without destroying your temple, because you will be liable for it to the Father, take care of it and guard it as a temple of God, because it is such!'

This Commandment also applies when a person realises that his work is exceptionally harmful; it does not matter that he does it for a living. Then that person needs to do everything possible to change his job, even if the new job will pay less. However, if there isn’t any new job available at the moment, then he should ask God for forgiveness that he does that harmful work, ask to be given greater protection to be able to work in this job and sustains/nourish his family or himself if he is alone and to survive. Finally, to ask for help from Above to be able to change that harmful work with another that is healthy.

Participant: There is not much Divine music these days, so I almost stopped listening to music for pleasure.

Rositsa Avela: You do well. The singing of birds and the sounds of nature are Divine music.


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* Note from Rositsa Avela: On previous meetings, it was spoken on how to build a protection. That material will be published with priority.


To be continued.