Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 40

Questions and answers


A question was asked on UNIFICATION website, question filled with concern and sorrow, but at the same time showing a high degree of consciousness.

A woman explained that her stepdaughter from the previous marriage of her husband, who lives in another country is homosexual and would marry to another woman there. The woman said that she understands the different sexual orientation of people. She accepts them as they are, knowing that there is some reason for that, without condemning them, and without a desire to interfere in the Divine Providence for these souls. However, she said that it is difficult for her to imagine that she would attend the ceremony at the conclusion of such a marriage, although that is imminent.

The question that she asked was: What is the rightest deed from the Lords perspective for her and her soul – be present or be absent at such a ceremony and how to behave with such people? What to tell them? And if there is an answer that would be useful for some other people, she has given the possibility to publish on the website the useful and good part of that information preserving her anonymity. The woman expressed her great gratitude, respect, Divine Love and ended the letter like this:

And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

Presence of the One answered briefly and concisely:

'It is best for a person to differentiate himself from all that and to say that the homosexual families are against the Lords Law of the Creation. Can two females create themselves a child and thus continue the human race? Or can two males do that?

It would be good if that woman tells her husband that she could be present only for him if he wishes so, but that her soul is in turmoil. And that she is without the desire and inner feeling that she should support such initiative, to celebrate, enjoy and congratulate whatsoever, as that would-be insincerity towards God.

If she goes to that ceremony because of her husband, the only thing she could say is:

I wish you all for you to be according to the Lord's Holy Will.'

Rositsa Avela: Each of you, the participants in this meeting and generally everyone who wishes so, could pronounce that good wishing given by Presence of the One in similar situations, but also with respect to any person either known or unknown, for whom you are without a clarity on what energy network he belongs to and what is his inner essence.

That good wish is very good and suitable to be uttered for each person:

'I wish you all for you to be according to the Lord's Holy Will.'

And that is all.


To be continued.