Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 41

Questions and answers


Rositsa Avela: I asked what material is preferable for the bed blanket, so that a person may sleep well? And what should be the top coat in winter?

Presence of the One answered after the days of the winter solstice of 2015.: For both clothes and bad blankets, it would be good to be made of 100% plant fabric. But that rule has some exceptions because the most important thing is a person to be in good health. Therefore, if there is an extreme cold a person may sleep in a sleeping bag designed for freezing temperatures and made of synthetic fabric, but it is preferable the filling to be a natural bird down rather than synthetic fibres. The same applies to clothing and footwear during extreme cold, so that the person can save his life and health.

During cold weather, it is best the outerwear to be made with a filling of the natural bird down, such as goose down, lining to be made of thick flannelette fabric and the outer cloth fabric to be a thick canvas. Both lining and canvas to be made from 100% plant fibres.

If a person uses birds down, it would be good to thank all the birds for the heat they give people through their down and to bless their whole race to continue its evolution successfully. That blessing can always be done when a person is warm and feels good in his coat or under his blanket.

The same applies to blankets/duvets. We were instructed the warm duvets to be made of thick cotton fabric, such as flannelette fabric with filling of natural birds down, such as goose down and feathers. The more the down in the composition of the filler, as compared with the feathers, the better.

Participant: In my country, there isn’t production of such outerwear.

Rositsa Avela: I was told that we should sew them ourselves or to find the necessary materials and give them to a tailor who will sew them for us if the market lacks such products that we need.

Regarding the mattresses, it would be good to have them filled with straw – finely chopped straw – stalks of wheat, rye, barley, etc. For filling, might be used as well hulls of various kinds of grains – wheat, rye, barley, oats, buckwheat, fibres from coconuts, dried seaweed, etc., the fabric needs to be durable and dense, again made from 100% plant fibres.

The pillows ideally have to be filled with hulls to which were added various types of dried herbs with a predominant presence of the thyme.


End of the selected fragments from the general part of the meeting.