Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 5

Questions and answers

Participant 1: At my work, many of colleagues and customers regard as usual to greet them with a handshake. Sometimes I manage to avoid this if I'm wearing safety gloves and just wave my hand, but in other cases, if I refuse to shake a hand that causes suspicion that I have a personal negative attitude and do not want to greet that particular person or people generally. What is the best thing to do from the Lord’s perspective to avoid such a negative reaction?

Rositsa Avela: At previous meetings, I told you that it is recommended from Above to stop greeting each other by handshaking because that isn’t something good for people in these times. It also was explained what the reason is – many people increasingly burden themselves with even more karma and when the person in front of you is more burdened karmically then during the handshake you get some of his karma. And if his karma is quite a big it may lead to the partial or complete closing of the chakra on the palm of the person who is more pure among both of you.

When a person is at work the handshaking with colleagues, managers and customers is part of his work. It is part of the business etiquette and very often is part of the work duties. You know that when a person is in his workplace, he does what the employer requires and expects him to do. It is part of the mask in the illusion that some people put on every day. That way the personal (free) will is limited, so the person has to take measures to reduce the possible harmful effects by having set a very good protection built in the early morning when he is at home in private and without the possibility of being seen by any other person.

Before leaving for work, a person may imagine that his right hand is in a plastic glove and the chakra of his right hand is protected throughout the day at work or may imagine that Living water is pouring over his hand from Above after each handshake and it purifies the hand and the chakra on the palm. Then to thank with all his heart to the Forces of Light for the protection that is given to him for the whole day.

But, everything has its limits including the protection that you build at home in private early in the morning. Everyone would feel what you can do and what is good to do during the day and at what time, as well as what is best to avoid doing.

Participant 1: May I use the Violet Flame for this purpose?

Rositsa Avela: Yes you may, but again you should take into account that this is a kind of spiritual practice, and it is necessary to take precautions while performing it. That is, to be alone in a room without the possibility of being seen by any other person or being covered with a large shawl if you are outdoors, including in your car. Besides when you are under the dome of human settlement, this spiritual practice needs to be performed only in the wee hours (0-3) of the night until 3:00 astronomical time, while almost all people sleep. Then you built your protection for the whole day, and you may say as follows:

I ..... (the first name), direct the Violet Flame
to flow through all my bodies throughout the day,
to protect me from all harm,
to burn and transmute the negative karma of those
with whom I handshake and come into contact, wherever that is.
I saturate the space around me,
wherever I will be during the day,
with the blue Fire of Angels of Protection to me protect me!
And thank all the Forces of Light for the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

During the day at work or anywhere else while you communicate with other people and even during the handshake, you have to be without any visualisations or thoughts, which are some kind of spiritual practice. When the protection was built earlier in the morning at home, then it works automatically throughout the day. But if you feel that your protection is reduced or there is lack of protection and you feel unwell, it is best to immediately stop whatever you are doing at the moment and walk away to a secluded place to strengthen or rebuild your protection again.

Participant 2: In my case, my right hand, which I use for handshakes always hurts me all the time and sometimes so strong that few proven ways for helping are not helping a lot. Sometimes my hand is like paralysed, and it is difficult for me to play the (musical) instrument. That happens because very often I have to shake hands. Then the pain goes up along the arm.

Rositsa Avela: The chakra is contaminated. You take negative karma from the people with whom you handshake.

Participant 2: Is there any good way for cleansing?

Rositsa Avela: In your case when your hand hurts, you can often go to the toilet room and place on your palm under the stream of cold water. Then clean it with energy, but as that is already a spiritual practice, you can perform it only if you are completely alone and without the possibility of being seen by any other person.

Allow the Violet Fire or the green energy of the Healing to flow through your hand; you can also use the blue flame of the Protection. Try first to feel within, which of these three types of energy streams to use. Then imagine how it starts to swirl strongly around your arm, then around your whole body, protects you, transforms the negative foreign energy into Light and burns everything negative and illusory. Finally, before leaving the secluded place where you do all this, strengthen your protection by creating additional energy tubes and placing them only inside the tubes that you have already created earlier in the morning at home.

Participant 3: To reduce or transmute the negative karma of the people we meet during the day would it be good in the morning at home to do the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' with all the people with whom we have to meet during the day?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, that is very good. You can also do the following thing – in the morning at the end of your morning service to say that you have acceptance regarding the karmic burden of other people. To forgive others their negative karma with joy, to experience that forgiveness, that joy and say:

I forgive all the people
with whom I will meet today,
all sins from all the times.
Forgive them too, Lord.
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

That may become a part of your daily morning work in spirituality. The greater the joy and desire to help while doing it, the more good karma you earn, which then helps you during the day at your meetings with people who are more karmically burdened than you, so that you feel comfortable regardless of the size of their karmic burden.


To be continued.