Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 6

Questions and answers

Participant 1: Do Synthetic fabrics, for instance, synthetic jacket with polyester fibrefill, protect us from the influence of the person opposite to us during an embrace?

Rositsa Avela: The synthetic fabrics lack such possibility of protection. And even if they had it, the clothes cover only part of the body. The throat chakra and the chakras located above it remain non-covered.

On previous meetings, I told you that for those times that have already begun it is recommended from Above to stop handshaking and especially embracing. An exception can be made for the closest family and kin, where one way or another people got together and came into incarnation to work off the karma with each other.

The reason for these voluntary self-constraints is the exceptionally high percentage of people who are becoming more and more karmically burden and who are becoming poorer in relation to pure and radiant Divine energy. When the person in front of us is more karmically burdened during an embracing, we will get part of his karma, which is much more in comparison to the handshaking, because almost all of the seven basic chakras located on the main energy axis come into direct contact. When this karma is quite large quantity, the purest of both receive part of that karma, and it may turn out that this part is much larger than the individual can work off; later that may even hinder the execution of the mission in that his incarnation.

Moreover, during the embracing, if the person in front of us has great energy insufficiency, he can very quickly fill his energy supply at the expense of our energy supply while he is hugging us wholeheartedly. Such energy drain in some cases may be so intense that the person (who is drained) becomes apathetic, lethargic, without the willingness to work and even get sick.

So everyone decides for himself whether he wants to embrace and with who in these transitional times when his karma and the karma of his kin for thousands of previous incarnations comes out to be worked off in an accelerated way with overlapping. If he decides that for him it is far more important to become more and more pure karmically and had a growing supply of energy, he will find a way to tell the person in front of him, without offending him that he has decided and already stopped embracing everyone except the members of his own family and kin.

Participant 2: But some people directly jump on me to hug me.

Rositsa Avela: Make a quick step to the back or the side and kindly say 'Excuse me, but I have stopped embracing anyone. I embrace only my wife/husband, kids and parents. Please respect that my decision.'

As we have already spoken in previous meetings, it is best to use the greeting 'Namaste' with folded palms together in front of the chest.

You can explain that several times you felt very bad after embracing and that is why this your decision is firm and without exceptions.

Participant 1: I explained, but they do not accept that.

Rositsa Avela: It depends on you to present that information in such a way that everyone around you accepted the fact that you stopped to embrace with people outside the narrow family circle and that is part of your personality and your personal human right. In your case, that means that you embrace only with your wife.

Participant 3 (turning to participant 1): You can always say that you have an agreement with your wife that you will only embrace her. Say that your wife is very jealous.

Rositsa Avela: It would be wrong to say that his wife is jealous because if you tell that to many people, it is very likely that she will become one. Then your stones will fall on your head.

Be vigilant and very careful what you say and even what you think about! Your word has to be pure and truthful, a reflection of your pure and elevated thoughts.

If a person gives wrong advice to someone and that advice has been accepted and followed, which resulted in harmful consequences, then part of the karma goes to the one who gave the advice. Working out of the newly created karma is very fast in these accelerated times.

Participant 3: Valuable hint. Thank you! What should say one who is without a family partner?

Rositsa Avela: He might say that he had decided to embrace only his future wife, as appointed by his heart when the time comes. Accordingly, every woman might say the same about her future husband.

Participant 1: (In our contemporary world) How much the synthetic additives in the fabrics made of natural fibres degrade the properties of the fabric and how much they hinder the free flow of the Divine energy?

Rositsa Avela: Lord Shiva in his Message-Recommendation from 1 July 2010 already instructed that if a person wants to feel good, it is very important to wear only clothes made from 100% natural plant-based fabrics – without compromise!

If a person covers his chakras with synthetic fabrics, which reduces his protection, if he often embraces with people who are contaminated with karma and energy shortage with different size, if he does other things that we were informed to stop doing them so that we feel good, for example, violation of the Lord's Commandments and Laws, all that could be harmful in one way or another for his further evolutionary development.

Because, for example, when the body is dressed in clothes made from natural plant-based fibres, the person can build himself a good protection and pass to the highest energy level that can be achieved during the transition.

Which man incarnated on the planet knows when the transition will happen and how?

All chakras must function, and the person must have built good protection that works all the time!

Everyone should be vigilant and ready – in maximum purity with Divine Force and Power at any time – permanently!


To be continued.