Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 7

Questions and answers

Participant 1: I would like to ask you one more thing on embracing. We can explain to people that we do not want them to embrace us, but what we should do about dogs? I have contact with the dogs of my relatives, I love them, and they love me, but their owners are in the illusion. How should I behave towards dogs in the most correct from the God's point of view way?

Rositsa Avela: Regarding embracing it would be more correct to tell other people that we have stopped doing that, not that we do not want to.

Regarding contacts with the dogs – each dog takes some of the energy of its owner. If a person is petting and hugging the dog, he takes a part of the karma of the owner of the animal, which the dog took from his owner to work it off. To embrace someone's dog is almost like to embrace its owner.

Therefore, when dealing with dogs, our best behaviour towards a dog in each case might be different. It depends on who is the owner of the animal.

Ideally, a person should be petting, hugging and giving love to his dog in case he wants to have one. If the owner of the animal is a close relative, the karma of the family/kin is available for working off by all members of the family/kin, so you may safely give your affection to such animal. But if strangers own the animal it would be better to refrain from embracing it, if he wants to be purer karmically.

The most important part of the service of the dog and its essence is to take from the negative karma of its owner and to work it off. Very often when the dog owner has burdened with a huge amount of negative karma, something happens to his dog. That way the dog worked off the karma and guards its owner the best way to avoid something worse happening to him. Thus, the dog protects its owner from diseases and accidents. Moreover, the dog may protect other members of the family in which it lives and takes karma for working off from the family member for whom the situation is most critical at the moment. The dog takes a kin karma for working off as well and may help some of the members of the kin if it chooses to do so.

Participant 2: What happens if the dog is sick due of the karma received from his owner and the owner takes the dog to put him to sleep wishing to end his suffering?

Rositsa Avela: When the dog takes from the karma of his owner, works it off and purifies him karmically, so it purifies itself karmically. Through his suffering dog works off huge amount of karma. And if dog’s owner due to a lack of knowledge how the things are from the Lord’s perspective, expresses illusory sympathy and compassion and 'free' the dog from suffering, he actually prevents the dog from becoming really free from further suffering. Coming again and again incarnated as a dog and lead dog's life rather than human. By that his owner creates himself new karma and also he receives for working off the part of his old karma that the dog had taken for working off through his sufferings, but was prevented to complete that, when the owner by his own decision, meddling in the affairs of the Lord, has interrupted dogs incarnation.

When a person has a dog, it is his duty to do what is necessary, so that the dog fulfil its mission completely. When the dog is suffering, and something happens to him, the best that the owner should do is to thank wholeheartedly to the Lord for the deliverance from the karma. His own or someone’s in his family or kin and for the deliverance the dog from its own karma, and care properly for the animal throughout his suffering – to the end. And while caring for the dog repent for his own sins, the sins of his relatives, as well as for the sins of the dog and ask for forgiveness from Above! That is best to be done by all members of the household in which the dog lives. As the dog was cleaning them in his life with them at one time or another.

Participant 3: I have a question in regards to that. We had a dog in our family, who died of lung cancer. Does that mean that she saved one of us from that disease?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, she cleaned one of you. Most often in the dog appears a disease, which supposed to develop in his owner.

Participant 3: Incredible! I am all goose-flesh.

Rositsa Avela: That is the real service of the dogs because of which they come into incarnation. It applies only to dogs because human souls incarnate into dogs, souls of people who are karmically burdened so much that their energy is insufficient to be able to come into a human incarnation. That's why they come in the incarnation as a dog. They may incarnate into dog many times one after another, taking and transforming the karma of their owner, through which little by little their karma is being transmuted to such an extent that they have enough energy for incarnation as a human.

Participant 2: Is that true for all dogs?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, for all, even for stray dogs. As they have no owner who can interrupt their lives prematurely, they have the opportunity to complete their work to the end. They take karma from people who are passing by, but most karma they take and transmute from those who give them food and love them. Because when people feed them, these dogs can live longer and serve.

When the dogs wag their tails with joy, they swirl the positive energy in space, take a negative karma and transmute it. And bring joy to people. All you have witnessed that dogs completely unconditionally enjoy the man and love him – without expecting anything in return. Whatever evil a man causes to his dog, later when the man comes home the dog enjoys him. That way the dog teaches him to do the same.

Participant 2: Has it always been like this or it was different in past times, and the dogs had their evolution?

Rositsa Avela: When people have become contaminated with plenty of karma, simultaneously with the appearance of such a heavily burdened with karma human souls who lack the possibility to continue to incarnate as humans, the dogs have appeared.

Participant 3: It looks like the dogs very accurately get to our homes without any randomness?

Rositsa Avela: Of course. When a person gets a dog, the dog is the one who chooses him. It is right when the dog chooses his owner. It is best if the man gives the opportunity the right animal to come to him.

If someone wants to have a dog, it is best to take the dog as he is a puppy. When the person stands in front of all puppies from the litter, to say: 'One of you who is my dog, to comes to me.' The puppy, who first comes to him, is the one who will serve him faithfully throughout his life and take upon himself the obligation to transmute as much of his negative karma as he can, as well as the karma from his relatives. Sometimes it may even give him a sign, for instance by a lick of his hand, while the person is squatting and call for his dog to come to him.

Once the person knows who is his puppy and take it, before he goes away, he needs to bring it to the mother dog to lick the puppy and give him a motherly blessing. The person needs to tell her that he is taking this puppy of hers and it is his now. Also, to comfort her and tell her that he would take good care of it with a lot of Love.

I was told from Above that this is how the one should proceed and the mother must be informed before her child is taken away, whatever kind of animal that is. And give her the opportunity to part with the child and to bless him, as well as to reassure her that good care will be taken of her child with a lot of Love!


Part 7, first addition


Participant 3: I currently have a dog with difficult past. My daughter took him from a shelter, although already had her dog. Then it turned out that it is difficult to cope with two dogs in her home, so my husband and I were compelled to take the new dog in our house. The dog already has established character and was very offended by someone. She is with love for us, but she is a difficult dog. When we go for a walk with her, she is afraid of people and bark at men. That way she expresses her concerns. All that hurt us, and I want to ask is it possible to improve the situation?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, it is possible. The dog is afraid that once again will be abandoned. She barks at men because she was hurt by men so far. Take care of her, but it would be good to pay some money your daughter, no matter how much – could be very little, but you should say that you buy the dog with this money. She has to take the money and say that she sold the dog to you and it is already yours. That is important to be done. Then being your property the dog will take from your energy and would be able to start transmuting your karma. Until now you have cared for someone else's property. Thus, the dog is prevented to properly perform her role because she lives with someone who is not her owner. Imagine how tangled the energies are – how the dog should feel in this situation? Cleanse her energetically and give her the opportunity to serve you and you will witness changes for the better in your home.

Participant 3: Thank you for your reply. It will be easier for us now. When the dog came to us, at first, I was outraged that we get lumbered with the dog, because we no longer wanted to have a dog, especially after the previous one, which died a natural death, for which I'm very glad now that we did not put her to sleep. When my emotions calmed down, I told her 'That is your home, and we will keep you with us, you won’t be given to someone else.' But that did not help.

Rositsa Avela: How is this going to help? That is not her home because energetically she isn’t your dog and she knows and feels that very well. You haven’t paid for her to break the energy connection between the dog and her previous owner, the man who treated her badly and abandoned her. Later, they took her to a shelter without becoming her owner, because they did not pay for her to her former owner.

You have told your dog untruthful words. She feels and knows that God's truth is different, that she is still someone else's property – of that man and she is energetically connected with him and takes his karma for working off, although from a distance. That man is heavily burdened (with karma), so she is torment and barks at men. She is confused and afraid. She lacks certainty and has no clarity on what is going to be in her life. She is expecting every day that she might have to change her house again.

The situation is quite different if a person paid for the dog from the moment he has it or takes a stray dog, which is free from its birth and has no owner. Then the dog chooses to go and live with the man and recognises him of his own will for his owner and host, and the man becomes such for the whole dog's life.

Participant 3: I am very glad that I understood all that. I will do what it takes immediately so that she becomes our own dog. Thank you!

Participant 4: If the dog lives in a family, does it choose one specific person whom to serves?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, and usually that is for whole its life. The dog may sometimes help the other members of the family and kin in case of emergency, but it always serves first and foremost its owner.

Participant 4: In our home, our dog growls frightening and shows his teeth to my older son if he wanted to touch her. Because once, long time ago he did something bad to her, I guess he slapped her to stop barking. Is it possible to improve the situation and how?

Rositsa Avela: He has committed some outrage over the dog. If the dog barks and he slapped it, it is extremely unlikely that the dog would embitter against him. The dog should have a much more serious reason to behave like that towards him. It happened something much worse. And it happened because at that time your son was contaminated – an astral being of the subtle plane has acted through him and tormenting the dog, taking the dogs energy and the energy of its owner with whom it energetically connected because that happens automatically!

When the dog shows his teeth, it does it not for your son, but for the astral being who resides in his temple. Do you understand? The astral entity does all these things. It forces your son to do all that and has taken control over him. The dogs can see astral beings. That is one of their distinctive qualities. If the person knows that, he could take the appropriate measures to free and cleanse himself. That is also a part of the dog’s service to man and part of the protection it gives to its owner by informing him that there is someone around who feeds on the energy or the energy of his relatives! By barking the dog is trying to chase away the astral beings and in many cases, it succeeds.

For example, when two young are kissing passionately in public without being engaged, and one of them has a dog that is with them, the dog may begin to bark at them. But it actually barks at the astral beings that are invisible to humans, but visible to the dogs. These astral beings are around and feed on the Divine energy of kissing pair, which is directed at that moment to the energy grid of the illusion. That always happens when a man is in violation of the God's Commandments and Laws.

Participant 4: Perhaps there are astral beings around my husband or inside of him because when he smokes and drinks alcohol, the dog barks at him?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, there are astral beings around at such moment. To improve the situation and the dog stopped barking, the people should improve their behaviour in a first place and live in observance of the Divine Laws. So that their temples are cleaned and stop the control over them, which is done by the astral and other illusory beings living nearby or directly in their temples at the expense of their Divine energy.

Participant 4: Thank you very much! It became clear to me.


Part 7, second addition


Participant 4: I have a question about one more animal – the pig. I work with children of Muslims. They do not eat pork. They are told that if they eat meat from pigs, they will become as dirty as a pig. Is that true?

Rositsa Avela: When a person eats meat from a highly developed animal having a higher degree of rationality, whichever that animal is, and the pig is such an animal, that person pollutes himself. That pollution is karmic – on a subtle plane in the subtle bodies, as well as on the material plane in the physical body of man – in his body.

The pig has more sense than almost all other representatives of the animal kingdom. Therefore, if a person eats pork, he pollutes himself in a greater extent.

The statement in your question is truthful for Muslims just as much as for any other person professing whichever of the religions, but not for the reason that the pig is a filthy animal. So the statement is true, but only partially. Man pollutes himself internally on all (energy) planes if he eats the meat of that animal or the meat of any other highly developed animal. Externally man still looks clean, but that is an illusory purity, superficial and void of the Truth of the Lord's point of view.

Participant 4: I've heard that the DNA of the pig is very close to human DNA. Thus, experiments with new drugs for humans are carried out on pigs and organs from pigs are retrieved and transplanted into humans successfully.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, it's true, and through those actions humanity karmically burdens itself in quite a large extent. These actions and experiments are one of the reasons for the recommendation from Above about finding a suitable location for the new home – when a person wants to move out and live in a cleaner place, to find a home that is far away from any laboratories that conduct experiments on Living Beings. As among other things, such place is heavily polluted with karma.

What happens on the subtle and physical planes if a person has had transplanted a foreign organ from an animal that was killed for the same purpose? What are the consequences from 'solving' the health problem that way? And is that health problem actually solved or worsens? What happens when the process of working off the karma is stopped due to the transplantation of a foreign organ from an animal? That is an interference in God's plan for the person, and it changes it. Then the life plans of the people around that person, as well as everyone who is involved in that kind of interventions at all levels, at all job positions, are changed. Due to the interference with the Lords Plan for many people, it becomes necessary to redesign it from Above.


To be continued.