Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 8

Questions and answers

Participant 1: I have a question regarding the implementation of one of the 5 Rules-Guidelines – the one about work in spirituality. When we see someone we know in a public place we greet each other. When we separate we use a greeting which is like good wishes, such as 'Goodbye', 'See you later', 'All the best', 'Have a good day', 'Thank you and take care' etc. Does that count as work in spirituality? And when we say these good wishes, does that open us to God?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, that is a kind of work in spirituality, because all these good wishes are a kind of blessings and the one who pronounces them opens himself to God at that moment, which is a dangerous thing to do in front of others these days. Of course, this applies to those who have access to their Mighty I AM Presence and can make contact with him, i.e. those who’s Soul is Alive.

Participant 2: If after a good wishing we say mentally or aloud the formula: 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   ', do we open to God and when?

Rositsa Avela: When one pronounces that Word-formula, that also in effect opens him to God, while he is pronouncing it. It is recommended to say this Word-formula always after a person good-wishes someone or blesses someone. Because, if a person, for example, says to someone 'all the best' and forgot to say that Word-formula at the end, he gives his good to the one to whom he good-wishes. In that way, he interferes energetically without knowing whether the Will of God is such for that person at the moment. However, if a person good-wishes someone and then pronounces the Word-formula, that good-wishes becomes only as a good request, and the person leaves in God's hands whether it will be fulfilled and when. That way, a person expresses his humility before the Will of God and its acceptance.

Participant 1: Does that mean that if we good-wish something to someone, we always have to say at the end that formula?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, providing the person wants to preserve his Divine energy, to multiply it and create for himself a good karma instead of wasting his Divine energy and create for himself a negative karma.

Participant 1: So far, we often say to others 'Have a nice day.'

Rositsa Avela: Yes, and that was a good exchange of energy between people. But now times have changed, and it is best for everyone to keep his Divine energy as his greatest treasure. Because through words (speaking) one may quickly loose his Divine energy in these times, and even more in the times to come, if he good-wishes to someone who is in one of the networks of the illusion without pronouncing at the end the Word-formula for surrendering our free Will in God's hands.

Participant 3: What is the best to do in such cases – when we part with someone? What should we say?

Rositsa Avela: It was recommended that the only safe way for a man to pronounce live blessings and good wishes, as well as the addition of the Word-formula at the end, is to be covered entirely with a large and thick shawl while pronouncing them.

Because that is a work in spirituality, and the person who pronounces them opens to God. But in almost all cases he is without knowing whether the person in front of him comply with the 5 Rules-Guidelines given from Above and lack clear vision whether the person in front of him has a sufficient degree of purity.

Also because of the lack of certainty whether he has a sufficient degree of protection during the blessing, which network currently he is connected to, is he at 100% in that network and whether he will remain in the same network during his blessing or good wishing. Because if something happens and he startles while he blesses or good-wishes, a sudden change of the energy network may happen unexpectedly for him.

When you are one to one with the person to whom you give your good wish or blessing, such covering himself is easier to do, although much depends on who that person is and whether he can accept what you do without going into negativity or judgment to you. However, when you are out in a public place, such covering yourself at the moment is hard to do, appears very strange and could be disturbing for the person in front of you and to the people around.

For that reason, it would be best to learn how to express yourself differently – be kind to people without opening to God. I was told from Above that in these times when people split the best thing to say is: 'It's time for me to go, I have a lot of work to do. I'm glad we met'.

When a person talks on the phone or over the Internet without activated web camera, i.e. without seeing each other with the person to whom he talks to, if he is alone in the room without the possibility that another person can see him at that time, then he may say good-wishes, blessings and sent his gratitude Above as much as his Soul wants that. Remembering to pronounce at the end the Word-formula 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   '

Participant 4: Is it acceptable to say 'Thank You, Lord!' mentally or aloud as an impulse of gratitude in the presence of other people if something happens?

Rositsa Avela: Everything is allowed.☺ But is that good from the Divine point of view to do it now, when so many things have changed on the subtle plane, and on the planetary level is another matter. Because when a person pronounces it, he directly connects with his Mighty I AM Presence. Therefore, it is important what is the surrounding of the person, who utters thanks, so that he is safe while doing it. That also applies in full force for the pronouncement of blessings and good wishes:

blue-dotIf a person is alone in the room without the possibility of being seen by any other person at this time, he can safely say 'Thank you, Lord!' As well as any other thanks to whichever Ascended Being of Light and it is very good to do it.

blue-dotIf a person drives a car, he may stop the car at the earliest convenience, cover himself with a shawl for a moment and thank the Heavenly Father.

blue-dotHowever, if a person is among other people, then it is best to reside in a state of inner quiet joy and gratitude without thinking or expressing gratitude and directing it Above. If he wants to express his gratitude to Above, he needs to remember what is the reason for the gratitude and express it at first convenience, when left alone or can cover himself and pronounce it!

Participant 5: Do all the chakras and hands must be covered?

Rositsa Avela: The person should be covered completely, so that no part of his body is possible to see, not a single hair or a square centimetre of skin. If a person is alone in his car, then he should cover only the head and hands – parts that one may see from the outside.

Ascended Beings of Light recommend these measures for the conservation of the energy potential and safety in relation to the preservation of the purity of the lower subtle bodies of man on the subtle plane – his Soul. As in the present, most of the people lack the clarity representative of which network at the moment is the person with whom they speak, whom they bless and tell him a good wish when they split, as well as representatives of which network are people around at the moment.


Questions and answers regarding part 8


We have received a letter with questions on the website, which were later answered from Above.

'I have questions that arose after reading Part 8 of the meeting in January 2016 in Poland:'

1. Question: Yesterday, while communicating with people, I observed how we meet and part. When we meet some person that we know we say 'Hello'* or 'Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening.' I think that such greetings are a kind of felicitation to the other person. If that opens us to God, what is the rightest thing to do from the Lord’s perspective to avoid this opening?

Answer: It would be good to say:

'Dear ....... (the name), I am very glad to see you!'

'........ (the name – for a man) I am glad to meet you!'

'Dear family, every time I meet with you is a joy for me!'

'My dear friends, I'm glad we have met again!'

One can always express his delight that he meets a particular person or people.

2. Question: At parting, if a person deliberately avoids expressing good wishes to the other, knowing the new rules, but the other does that, what the person should do?

Answer: To thank him wholeheartedly and

(a) as soon as the person is left alone to express his good wishes from his heart to the other person mentally or aloud, and then to finish with the Word-formula:

'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!


The next time he meets or hears the other person, to tell him that he also expresses his good wishes to him, but when he is alone because that way he feels calmer and that is a correct way, and the energy is stronger, which is true.


(b) if the person is without the possibility to remain alone and other people surround him, if it is possible he may cover himself with a shawl and do the same as in point (a);

(c) according to the situation and to the person you know being in front of you, if it is possible, you may immediately, in real time, cover himself with a large thin but dense scarf that you always have on your neck or in your bag, express your good wishes from your heart to the other person and finish with the Word-formula

'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!


Then very calmly explain to him that that is the only way you bless now. Soon all your relatives and friends will be used to that, will accept you as you are and you will accept them as they are.

3. Question: At the end of my emails I have written 'Regards'**, and mentally I wished to the recipient to be healthier at all levels. If I were alone, I would additionally say that may all be according to the Lord’s Holy Will. What else would be a good thing to do from the Lord’s perspective?

Answer: It would be better to stop writing 'Regards' and instead to use:

(a) Joy, Peace and Harmony ............... (your name);

(b) ............... (your name);

(c) Namaste (I bow to the God within you), ........... (your name);

(d) With warmest feelings to you: ............... (your name);


4. Question: The wonderful word 'Thank you'*** also wishes good. Is there any alteration in the way one should use it?

Answer: It would be good to continue with using the word 'Thank'. If a person in front of you wish you something good, you would need to repay him somehow, so that his felicitation realises – that is achieved by thanking that person wholeheartedly.


below line

* The literal meaning of the word 'Hello' in Bulgarian is 'I wish you good health'.

** The literal meaning of the word 'Regards' in Bulgarian is 'Be healthier'.

*** The literal meaning of the word 'Thank you' in Bulgarian is 'I give you good'.


To be continued.