Q & A 94

Thracians and Jews
Part 1

Similar questions sent to the UNIFICATION website at different times by different people, some of which on 16 January 2018, and their answers given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2018


Question 1: In the book of Kings where David defeated Goliath from the Getae kin of the Philistines, is this a reference to the same Getae who lived on our (Bulgarian) lands and are believed to have been part of the Thracian tribes?

Answer: Yes


Question 2: Is it true that the Getae are part of the Thracian tribes?

Answer: Yes, they are part of the Thracian tribes.


Question 3: What was the reason for the numerous battles between the two nations – Jews and Thracians (Philistines)?

Answer: Because the Jewish people sinned.


I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 95

Thracians and Jews
Part 2

Similar questions sent to the UNIFICATION website at different times by different people on the subject 'Thracians and Jews', and their answers given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2018


Question 1: When, during the reign of King David, the Jews conquered the city of Jerusalem, they took it from a Thracian tribe – is this a true statement?

Answer: Yes, it is true.


Question 2: Is it true that when the Jews, contrary to what they were told by Presence of the One through Moses, refused to settle in the desert and attacked and gradually began to conquer the fertile lands along the Mediterranean coast, they met Thracian population there?

Answer: Yes, it is true.


Question 3: Do the Jewish people still have karma from this aggression?

Answer: Yes, they do. I forbade them to fight and take away the land from the native people! Apart from having karma towards this nation, which I Love, they also have karma towards Me – Presence of the One, mainly because of the violation of My Commandments – to live without stealing, including the land of a fellow nation. And to live without taking human lives and without hurting in any way.

My Providence for the Jewish people was quite different, but they did not even understand how wonderful it was! As I love them as well! But they intervened in the affairs of the Thracian people. The Jews forcibly took away from the Thracians their defensive and purifying function concerning the entire planet which personally I AM Presence of the One had given to them, and I had prepared them to do it automatically, as long as they live in My Laws and in unity with the Living Life. And they (the Thracians) were doing it!

That is why it fell down on their shoulders (the Jews’) to do this work, but without being prepared for it, and to do it with constant effort. If they fail, they will disappear as a nation from the face of this planet, and they will be denied the right to incarnate on it forever, once and for all.

I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 96

Thracians and Jews
Part 3

Questions on the subject 'Thracians and Jews' sent to the UNIFICATION website on 16 January 2018, and their answers given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2018


Question 1: Was the polygamy practised during King David's reign blessed by the Lord?

Answer: They were without such permission! In this they also sinned before Me; they paid off at the time, they are still paying off, and they are yet to continue paying off.


Question 2: If it wasn’t blessed (the polygamy among the Jews), what kind of entities were coming into incarnation?

Answer: Among this people, among those who violated My Will and Laws, began to come in incarnation such beings that have been coming so far, that are coming now, and come always and everywhere where My Commandments and the Lord's Moral Law are violated – very heavily karmically burdened light beings, who were in the network of the darkness for a number of previous incarnations, or else entities from any of the networks of the illusion.

For I told the men then to live without wishing their fellow's home, which is one, without wishing their fellow's wife, instead of saying 'his fellow's wives' – because she is one, too!

I gave only one woman to Adam as well, and that was Eve.

I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 97

Thracians and Jews
Part 4

Questions on the subject 'Thracians and Jews' sent to the UNIFICATION website on 16 January 2018, and their answers given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2018


Question 1: Dear Father One, what was Your Providence for the Jewish people?

Answer: They had to live in the desert to cleanse themselves karmically as long as needed until the whole nation was cleansed!

Then, in this same desert, for them would have been opened an Energy Gateway to another dimension – to another world – the World of the New Order of the 6th race – back then! And all the Jewish people led and assisted by Moses, headed by him, would have gone to the new higher energy and vibration level. Upon their arrival, I had prepared to give all the land of this new world to them. And all the people of the Jewish nation, being pure karmically and in every way, would have also automatically acquired the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, I always wish and give only the best to My children who follow the Commandments I have given to them only/exclusively for their good!

But the Jews attacked the local population and, instead of getting what I had prepared for their people, they forcibly began to take away others’ land, move into others’ homes, and had the Thracian population serve them as slaves – this beloved people of mine, consisting entirely of Light Beings!


Question 2: Does this world – the world of the New Order, have some population at that moment?

Answer: Yes, all the souls who had prepared and ascended. That is why they are without coming into incarnation in your world anymore – because they are already incarnated there! And they are expecting you with greatest Divine Love. They rejoice every new Soul that has prepared and joined them.


Question 3: Is the Mayan people there – in the world of the New Order?

Answer: They are elsewhere. Because they had supreme achievements, but not supreme karmic cleansing.

I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 98

Thracians and Jews
Part 5

Questions on the subject 'Thracians and Jews' and their answers given by Presence of the One on 19 February 2018


Question 1: Dear Father One, what is the solution for the people of the Jews, whom you loved?

Answer: I still love them. Light Beings have been coming in incarnation among the people of this nation to help them in all times.

The best solution for this people is to generally repent before Me for everything sinned by them as a nation in all times. All the people, every person from this nation should repent without exception. And they should repent as long as necessary until they are cleansed of all the sins they have as a nation if they want to survive as a nation!

I AM Presence of the One sent to them Moses, to take them out of Egypt, to save them and help them to purify themselves karmically so that I could elevate them; I had prepared for them to inhabit the Paradise – the world of the New Order of the 6th race. And then, gradually, the Souls who were karmically cleansed enough would join them so that after the end of their incarnation, they could go there among them in their next incarnation. And that was the best option for the transition from the 5th to the 6th race.


Rositsa Avela: Lord, when You say something, it is the best, even if at the moment it seems to be the worst!

Answer: Yes, it is always so in all times! The man just needs to have Faith and to follow all that I say very accurately, precisely, promptly and with quality! This is the most important thing!

I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 99

Thracians and Jews
Part 6

Questions on the subject 'Thracians and Jews' and their answers given by Presence of the One on 19 February 2018


Question 1: Dear Father One, does that mean that You had expected the Jewish people to be the people of the 6th root human race? (See Q&A 98.)

Answer: Yes, if what I had prepared for them had happened and if they had endured following My Providence to the end.


Question 2: The Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) said that the Slavic people are the people of the 6th root race?

Answer: Yes, he said that right because 'Slavs' is the new name of the Thracians. Their name was changed in time, and their writing was destroyed by some other nations.

The Jews attacked the lands of these Thracians, who were called Philistines, after Moses’ exit from incarnation. Thus, they deprived them of the opportunity to fulfil the Mission that I had assigned to the Thracians as a nation:
blue dotto be the ones who would take the karma of the humankind and help the humankind to cleanse and prepare gradually for entering into the 6th race
blue dotand to be the ones who would look after the purity of the Mother Earth by living in unity with the Living Life on this planet.

After all that happened, and the Jews settled on their land and in their homes, they (the Jews) also automatically took over the work which I had assigned to them to do on that land!

Thus, they (the Jews) renounced themselves from the Mission I had given to them. And it became the Thracians’ Mission – the Mission of these people who the Jews had displaced from the place where I AM Presence of the One had put them to serve Me. The Thracians settled to the north through the lands of today's Turkey and on the entire Balkan Peninsula to the North Sea and also to the west and the east.

Gradually in time, the Thracians were called Slavs. And this people took on the Mission initially given to the Jewish people. Their sufferings have purified them too much during all these times, even now. And these people became the people of the 6th root race. Those of them who are ready and cleansed enough, already inhabit the land and the world of the New Order; they are ready and happy to meet anyone who manages to prepare himself to enter that world.

Yes, for Me all the present Slavic nations are a single united nation – the nation of the 6th root race. And it has already begun to inhabit the new land assigned to them by Me – the Land of the New Order.

Since the moment when that happened, every person on this planet who has a Living and sufficiently pure Soul, after the end of his current incarnation in this material world, has been going into a new incarnation in the new, higher energy and vibration world of the New Order.

And in this material world now come in incarnation all the souls who are the lowest in energy and vibration, with the highest karmic burden, as they are given the chance to cleanse karmically in an accelerated way, rapidly and as much as possible.

Also, any entities of all networks of the illusion were allowed to come into incarnation in human bodies to cleanse the Heavens, to cleanse all the layers and levels of the subtle plane from their presence there.

I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 100

Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians
Part 7

Questions and their answers given by Presence of the One on 3 and 4 March 2018


Question 1: Who are the proto-Bulgarians? Are they Thracians or their origin is different and what is it?

Answer: The proto-Bulgarians are something quite different from the Thracians. They are the ones who came from Peru. Their work assigned from Above was to form the Bulgarian State by merging their genes with those of the Thracians, and thus get something even better:
blue dota nation able to endure the trials of time and to preserve itself as such;
blue dota nation who would start the beginning of the 6th race with the new genetic code;
blue dota nation in which partial incarnations of higher Ascended Beings of Light could come into embodiment during all ages.

The Mission of the proto-Bulgarians was to reach the people of the Thracians and the lands where you live now, Beloved, that is the Promised Land, and here to form a State with the local Thracian population, already called Slavic. And they succeeded. They did it and accomplished their Mission!

The heirs of the proto-Bulgarians, who merged with the Thracians, received their Mission (of the Thracians) – to form and preserve the people of the 6th root race and help them get through the ages to the time of the Great Transition. They also inherited the original Mission that I gave to the Thracian people for the protection of the planet and the Living Life on it, which is now performed by every person on this planet who has a Living and Light Soul and a Thracian gene/origin, whichever part of the planet he is in, among whichever people he is born and whichever religion he professes. These people perform this Mission of theirs automatically, as they have been prepared by Me since ancient times to do so, provided that they have a certain percentage of karmic purity and a certain number of open chakras.


Question to question 1: Are there such people, Dear Father One, and how many are they?

Answer: Yes, there are. They are enough.


Question 2: Who is God Tangra from the subtle world? Did the proto-Bulgarians call You by that name, dear Father One?

Answer: Yes.


Question 3: What is the cause and the root cause for the Bulgarian Slavs (Thracians) to nod with the head for 'yes' and 'no' in the opposite way in comparison to the other Slavs and to almost the whole rest of the world?

Answer: For balance, like the left-handers.


Question 4: And how is the Bulgarian people, which has a mixed genotype between Thracians and proto-Bulgarians, different from all the other Slavic (Thracian) nations presently in existence?

Answer: Yes, it is true what you foresaw, Beloved. All present Slavic nations, that is the Thracian people – all the Thracian tribes – are the people of the 6th root race, and the Bulgarian people is the people of the 7th race, the people of the priesthood, the clergy of the 6th race, the people through whom are coming and will be coming into incarnation in the world of the New Divine Order the Higher Ascended Beings of Light from the Higher Octaves whose Mission is to be Masters of the people of the 6th race.

I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 103

An addition to Parts 2 and 5 on the topic 'Thracians and Jews'

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 8 March 2018


Question: Dear Father One, You have already stated in Part 2 of 'Thracians and Jews' (Q&A 95) what will follow if the Jews fail the task or rather the Mission, taken from the Thracian people. In order to succeed in it, what is the best from the Lord's point of view for them to do?

Answer: Apart from the repentance of the whole nation (see Part 5 of 'Thracians and Jews' – Q&A 98), they should maintain the 'Daily sacrifice' (translator’s note: literally 'the eternal sacrifice') in the holy place (see the Book of Daniel) – without any interruption, for whatever reason!

And they know it – that it was assigned to them to do 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a constant prayer vigil on the western wall of Mount Moriah in Jerusalem!

And that should continue until the Great Transition, without allowing anyone or anything to prevent them from doing so, that means there should always be at least 1 Jew to pray for the salvation of the planet Earth, the Living Life on it and for the salvation of the human race – the Living Light Souls incarnated on the planet now to be preserved and to purify themselves karmically enough to pass successfully through the Great Transition into the New Order of the 6th human race!

I AM Presence of the One


© Rositsa Avela

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