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Is it possible to bless a whole group of people, for example square, stadium or a building full of people, while for instance we are in the front of that building? And if it is possible, is the effect the same as in blessing people one by one?

Thanks very much for the clarification.




July 10, 2012

Beloved Pallas AthenaI AM Pallas Athena have come to give the requested explanation.

The most important thing is your feeling of Divine Love and Gratitude to God that you experience and express through the words of the Blessing, while pronouncing it! The feeling of Divine Love towards a person, a group of people or even a whole nation. And the feeling of Divine Love and Gratitude to God for the help that is given at that moment to strengthen your Blessing from Above and really reach to the person or the people whom you have addressed with it with proper strength and power. If you experience the feelings of Divine Love and Gratitude to those who you Bless and to God that allows me and the other Ascended Beings of Light to help this Blessing be effective and beneficial to that person or those people to whom you have sent it.

That is why you were given the Teaching on the Blessing and we expand it and extend it bit by bit, according to the degree in which you begin to apply it in your life. When you Bless wholeheartedly, all Forces of Light enjoy and Bless you! Then your spiritual strength increases, because the Divine Love within you increases as well!

I am glad I gave you this brief addition to the Teaching on the Blessing. With your questions, you give an opportunity me and the other Ascended Masters to come and expand your understanding of the Teaching that you have received so far through our Messages. That is why you were given this Divine opportunity to ask questions about the Teaching on the website of our Messenger.

I AM Pallas Athena