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Question 1


Question was asked in Polish language:


Can I give Dad to read the messages? And what can/could you tell Katt to motivate her to continue her life? Who sits on the White Throne?



August 15, 2012


Yes, you can give the messages of the Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of the Heavenly realms/spheres to be read by every person, but only if he/she himself wishes so. Initially you could offer to read one or two messages, but only when this person is calm and peaceful. And if the persons heart advises that these messages are the thing which he/she needed ever, without realizing it himself, this person will continue to read them.

Or you can read aloud a massage that you have carefully selected to be useful to the person who will touch for first time these precious gems of Divine Truth, Wisdom, Light and Love. A message that will touch his/her soul.

But in all cases, you can only offer the messages, without insisting on reading them, and you should be able to accept each of the person’s choices with Love, even his refusal to read them.


The Holiest Mother of God answered on your second question and her answer applies to people, to each person.


I AM Holiest Mother of God and have come to answer the question of how a person can be motivated to continue to live.

When someone close tell him/her how special each person is who comes into incarnation, and how uniquely different and valuable he/she is in the eyes of God. Each soul comes with exactly determined purpose to go through certain periods in life in order to get purified karmically and to obtain important lessons that will allow the soul to continue the evolutionary development, as well as to develop some specific Divine qualities and virtues, and to free himself from the chains of the illusion, and then to help many more souls to succeed in the same. This involves going through a number of difficult moments, if the person is not conscious enough to accept them as the highest good for him.

And here comes the moment to provide the motivation to live this life happily and with gratitude to God.

First of all, if a person wants to leave the incarnation prematurely, his whole life plan fail/collapse and when the soul passes through the curtain/veil after the transition is made, it bitterly regrets the missed opportunities and time and years of childhood and maturing lost in vain. In these cases, when a person himself refuses to live and make an attempt on his life, and also when he repeatedly expressed his lack of desire to live, thus launching a program for faster cessation of the Incarnation, in such cases, after the transition all that is left without being worked in this incarnation, which has just been finished, is to be worked in the next incarnation, but in more difficult circumstances of life! Because he/she will have to transmute also the negative karma created by the refusal to accept everything that happens to him and deal/cope with it, as in fact this is a violation of the Will of God and lack of Faith that everything that he/she goes through in the current incarnation is the best for him/her.

Furthermore, when a person copes with the difficult moments in life and accepts them with gratitude, then he/she is able to help many more souls, who go through the same or similar test. The more people pass consciously through the difficulties of life, accepting them with gratitude to God, the more people will begin to be able to do the same. Thus they will be passing more easily through everything negative that falls on them and what they have to work out, regardless of whether they themselves have caused it in the current or in their previous incarnations, or have come to help transmuting family/ancestral karma, or karma of the country in which they live, or part of the world karma. When a person begins in such way to help all the other people on the field level, then it creates good karma for him, which then helps him in each following 'difficult' situation, and the person begins to realize that it is easier for him/her to pass through it, and this gets stronger/increases with each next time!

So is it worth to live, I should say so!/(So, of course, that life is worth living!) Ask for help from the Heavens and it will be given to you! Thank the Heavens for the received help and it will multiply! The more obstacles you go through thanking for them, the easier it become to you and the more you begin to feel satisfaction in your life exactly as it is and you begin to feel happy here and now, where you are! You realize that your life is full of value and has a deep meaning, because every obstacle you are going through gives it meaning in a new way and frees you from your negative energies of the past. And here you have to realize that you create yourself your happier future in this and your following incarnations, and thus furthermore you create happy future for your children and other loved ones because there will not be anything negative for working out to receive from you when come the Divinely predestined moment for you to make the transition!

And finally – every your minute in this incarnation of yours is precious and you should utilised in the best way in a positive attunement and in Love and gratitude towards God, being/residing/abiding in the most elevated consciousness and in harmony/alignment/attunement with the higher octaves. Because now the time passes at an accelerated rate and you are able to work off the negative karma of many of yours previous incarnations, as well as you bad habits and the persistent/stable negative states of your consciousness. You live in an exceptionally good/beneficial time! You have been given Divinely the greatest opportunity to be here on this earth in this incarnation of yours, in these accelerated/shortened times! Take the advantage to the fullest and explain all this to as many people you can, to help them, so that they began to live this life of heir consciously in Joy!

I AM Holiest Mother of God with Love towards all souls incarnated now! All of you are wonderful and I bless you in this day with my Motherly Blessing!


Regarding your third question, Lord Alpha, our Heavenly Father, the Creator of our galaxy, sits on the White throne in this galaxy.


With Love to you and gratitude for your questions: Rositsa Avela