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Question 6


A question asked in Bulgarian:

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2 July 2013


You would help your child to stop his cold when you accept your husband as it is, when you stop rejecting him, albeit unconsciously.

Regarding your husband – I would advise you to stop thinking that you can and it is right to make him do anything, including making him to become more calm! As you can see, your thoughts are focused in a wrong direction and hence the result is what you see every day. On the other hand, you could ask for help from Above for yourself to become much more calm and then that calm of yours would be transferred on the field level to your husband. It would be nice to tell him about your opinion and give him the opportunity to make his choice what to do in any situation by himself, and tell him kindly that he would please you a lot if he does what you have suggested. But remember that sometimes you can be mistaken and his Higher Self may guide him better at the moment, so if he refuses to agree with you, you need to be able to agree with his opinion and accept it calmly – regardless of who is right and who is wrong at the moment. Because either he is right and you need to accept his decision, or even if you are right, the situation may be predestined karmically and he refuses to agree with you or behaves badly because of the negative karma that comes to be worked off between both of you at that moment. If you calmly accept what is happening and ask for forgiveness from Above for your past mistakes, because of which your husband behaves in such ay at the moment, and thank God for everything that happens, then you will witness his transformation before your eyes in a completely new person, providing you have transformed yourself before that!

It is the same with regards to your parents. You need to become much nicer to them exactly at the moments when they misbehave, because you have a mutual karma to be transformed between all of you and that is why they are what they are. If this karma remains, without the possibility to be transformed due to lack of understanding and acceptance of the tense situations and you miss to thank God for these situations, then people, or specifically your parents in this situation, miss the opportunity to become better towards you, to the rest of your relatives and in general towards all.

God gives us free will, including to sin, because sometimes a person learns best from his mistakes, without any judgment against us and with all His love for us. It is right for us to behave in the same way. To be able to accept without judging our neighbours, and to remain with all our Love towards them. This way, we give them a chance to change for the better much faster.

If there are some karmic bonds to be worked off, by accepting the bad deeds, by forgiving and by remain loving, the transformation of the negative karma becomes much faster and sun rises on our street! Asking and giving forgiveness each other, beginning with God and doing this with much Love is the universal remedy for all! *

The situation you are in, you have created with your own hands. Now, everything is again in your own hands – you can fix all this yourself, be happy you, your family and the whole kin! The better the relationship between you and your husband, the healthier will be your child!

This is a part of your purpose – to change yourself in order to help and give a chance to your closest people to change as well – they need to change themselves, instead of you trying to change them. As I already told you, the only person who you may want to change and to ask help from Above for that to happen, is yourself. When you change, when you start to pass your virtues to your closest people by your example every day, when they also start changing for the better and the sun start to shine on your street every day, then you would be able go to the next stage of your purpose – to help other people, animals and all Alive in this world!

I bless you to succeed in all this, according to God's Holy Will! As long as you want, you can demonstrate constancy, patience, have a Gratitude to God for everything and especially for the 'bad' things in your life!


Light and Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony!


Rositsa Avela


* See the Spiritual practice 'Repentance and Forgiveness'


Question 5


Questions asked in Polish:


How I, my husband and our child can liberate from the yoke of the mother of my husband and to get our freedom?




17 August 2012 and 13 September 2012

Beloved Serapis BeyI AM Serapis Bay. I AM would answer this question.

You would free from the yoke of this mother by loving her! When you begin to love her as she is, honour, respect and help her!

You need to gather all together, talk and give her through examples from your life what she does and how this burdens all of you and prevents you from experiencing Love for her – Love that she deserves by being your mother, mother-in-law and grandmother! Ensure her that you love her despite all that, but now she has to stop acting as in the past, ask her that she change for better and allow you to calmly live in harmony, peace and Love.

Ask her also what causes her to behave in this way – whether the reason is within you. Is there something that she wants you to change and what is it? If she tells you that there is something wrong in your family that is difficult for her to accept it and irritates her, you should review your life and calmly, without bias against her, decide whether she is right about some things. Then you can decide to improve some of your wrongs and ask her forgiveness for what you were sinned.

Ask her whether she would you like to change her behaviour in the desired direction. If she wishes and decides to change for better, ask whether she would authorize you to remind her kindly for that her decision if she forget about it and again begin to behave as before.

Help her to understand the Divine Law of refrain from interference – in your case to refrain from interfering in the affairs of your family. Because, although she is a member of the kin, she is outside your family. Read her the message of Gautama Buddha 'Application of the Divine law of non-interference into other people's free choice, if they explicitly did not request it and ask about it' from 15 July 2011 and then gently, with much Love tell her that henceforth you would take into account her orders only if they are given in the form of advice, which you've asked for, after she first asked whether you want to give it to you!

Both you and your husband need to have the same opinion and support each other when you tell her all that. Then keep firmness in defending this line of conduct, but with much love for her. Because her behaviour has become her habit, a second nature and even if she wants to change it that might be difficult to happen immediately. So, you have to be patient and forgiving, but also to follow consistently what you have decided, by reminding her with much Love for the discussion you had whenever she begins to behave as in the past. This will give her a chance to improve, if she wishes that.

In order for her to wants to change, all three of you need to prepare before talking to her. It would be good if you, your spouse and your child ask God for help. When the child is young, it also participates by listening to the prayer that his parents address towards Heavens. At least seven days before the discussion you should start sending every day a prayer to God to support all of you during the discussion to be peaceful, in Love, to help your mother-in-law to be willing to listen to you and to wish to change for better and to help all of you from Above to be able to transform the karma that you have with each other.

Such negative karma exists between all of you and you can free from it only if you forgive each other everything that you have caused each other until that moment. So, that would be the most important part of the conversation that you will have – at the end to embrace each other, ask with Love each other for forgiveness and to forgive! Because otherwise, if you disregard in your live the application of the Teaching that Beloved Jesus brought to Earth, your faith in God and going to church are just a hypocrisy.

After the first time, if you still feel that there is some negative attitude between each other, that means while you were asking and giving forgiveness, rather than fully, you managed to be in Love with each other and do that wholeheartedly only partially. Accordingly, the karma between you was transformed only partially. In this case when a conflict resume to escalate I would recommend to consciously approach the situation and again to ask forgiveness and forgive each other. Repeat this as many times as necessary until all negative energies of the past transform. Because, you will agree with me that if in a previous incarnation of yours, you yourself, your spouse and your child have been a family, and your current mother-in-law was your slave, who you ruthlessly terrorised and even tortured, who all three of you used almost like a doormat, the yoke that she imposes on you currently is too weak payoff, and every time she behaves badly you should raise your eyes to Heavens and warmly thank God for His great Mercy to you!

So, read again all that I advise you to this point and you will perceive the situation in a new way; you will understand that when I told you in my very first sentence that you would free from her yoke by loving her, I spoke the truth. Because only and solely the energy of Divine Love and Forgiveness requested and given in Repentance and Humility by both sides, can transform in the fastest way all negative energies between the three of you and your mother-in-law, which energies all four of you have created yourselves so far! I said all four of you, because when the three of you have bullied her, she hated you too much, so now she is your mother, grandmother and mother-in-law, in order to love you and thus transform her negative energies towards you!

If you choose to do something else instead of following my advice, in this case you would have to work out together that mutual karma of yours for a long time.

I said enough and at this point I give you the impulse to succeed in forgiving each other with Love and to get free!

Finally, I address all of you who read my Word and Teaching that I am giving you through this answer. As there are similar situations in many families and kinds, even though the manifestations are different.

It is less important to know exactly what happened in previous incarnations. The important thing now is what is the state of the consciousness of each person! Everyone needs to elevate his consciousness and to realize that everything that happens to him, the way others behave towards him, the cause of everything is within himself – in his own imperfection, in his negative karma. The most important is the acceptance of everything that happens, with Love and being in Joy that one more negative thing manifested itself within you, for which God gives the opportunity right now to be transformed into Light.

This transformation is done by:
blue-dotyour sincere repentance to God for everything you've done in the past that violates the Divine Laws,
blue-dotyour sincere request to Heavens to be forgiven,
blue-dotyour sincere Love for those or the one who causes suffering,
blue-dotthe sincere forgiveness that you give him, even without being requested,
blue-dotyour desire to stop to sin from now on
blue-dotand your sincere request to Heavens to be given help from Above to observe the Divine laws in your live henceforward.

When you realize all this and do all of it, then at some point with amazement you would have the insight that whatever happens to you, your family or anyone, everything that happens in the place you live, in your country and in the world, has already stopped bringing you suffering! At this point all the Heavens will rejoice because you would have achieved Buddha-consciousness and Christ-consciousness, accepting calm with Peace in your Soul everything as it is, emanating gratitude to God and Love for all – to God, to the situation, to those who cause it, demanding, sincerely whishing, and asking forgiveness for you, those who sin and help for the transformation of all that is illusory.

I AM Serapis Bay, with Love to all of you, the one that gives you Light!


Rositsa Avela, with Love to you Agnieszka and with gratitude for your question.


Question 4


Dear Rositsa, thank you very much for the Messages, invocations, Messages-pictures and songs. That is all I have managed to read so far. I will support you with all my Divine Love, I am capable of. I would like to ask how a baby that is born can be protected from death, which bad people want to bring to it; and then how that baby can be protected during its life by his parents? I'm Mariana I.



4 July 2012

Hello, dear Mariana,

thank you wholeheartedly for Gratitude and Love that you give me as support! They are so precious to me! May God bless you, protects you and helps you on your Path!

I enclose below the response to your question. It came from Beloved Saint Germain.


I AM Saint Germain and I AM have come to answer this question.

The scariest death is the spiritual one.

Everything else that happens, including the physical death – the transition, happens with Divine's permission and it is an implementation of the of the pre-destiny for this soul and for the souls with which it is karmically bonded.

If you wish to help, you could always ask the Heavens to give support to that child, for which you undertake some obligation to perform some work in spirituality every day in return for the aid that would be given to the child from Above, by saying the following:

Lord, I demand, sincerely wish and ask for help
to preserve the Living Life of ... (the child's name),
if such is Your Holy Will,
for which I Thank and undertake the obligation every day to ...
(state the obligation that you want to take)

I would advise that you choose a very small obligation, but you do it with Joy and Love to God with all your heart, every day without interruption.

The blessing of a parent to his children, that was given by Beloved Pallas Athena is also very strong and powerful tool to support every child and it would be good to say it every day.

In order to transform faster the negative karma that this child has from his previous incarnations and the negative karma that he has taken after his birth from the family in which he was born, it is good to read the Violet Flame Decrees. Recommendations regarding the reading of the Violet Flame Decrees were given in the message on 28 July 2010 from the Ascended Lady Clare.

Lastly, I want to finish my answer by Blessing you to raise your consciousness and be able to accept with gratitude and understanding everything that happens as it happens in life, because it is the best for the salvation of the soul of each man.

I AM Saint Germain



Hello dear friends,

We publish this question and the answer on the website, because the recommendation for helping the baby given by Beloved Saint Germain is good for giving protection and assistance in the life of every child. Parents are those, who are karmically obligated and responsible before God to care for the salvation of his soul until he grows up and creates his own family, or until he reaches the age of majority in spirituality, i.e. when he turned 28 years if he had not been married by that time. After that age each one becomes a separate unit before God, separate family and takes full responsibility for his own destiny. Until then, he is much more strongly connected on the field level to his parents and they can influence positively or negatively his future through their choices in life and generally through the lifestyle they have.

In the past, the age of reaching majority in spirituality was younger, for example, one or two centuries ago this age was 21 and ten years ago it was 26. However, this age increases due to the decreasing of the level of spirituality of humankind as a whole. Currently it is 28 years, so that the accountability of children is less until later, in order to give them a chance to become aware and also to give a chance parents who lead virtuous way of Life and ask God for the well-being of their child, to help their child. If the parents have poor awareness and sin against God, then their children receive impetus from Above and get married earlier in order to free from the bond with their parents.

Of course, there are always exceptions and each case is different, but these are general trends.

Freeing from the bond with their parents, who have poor awareness and violate the God’s Commandments, can happen only when the marriage is accompanied by a spiritual ritual for creation of a new family in the religion to which the newlyweds belong. Then happens the merging of the auras of men and women into one and formation of a new common aura around them that gives Divine protection to the new family – the husband, wife and their children when they are born. This protection works, while the integrity of the additional common aura is intact, while spouses live in chastity and in compliance with the Divine Moral Law, without cheating each other. Because even if one of the spouses cheat just once, this common envelope is being torn and the whole family – all its members, including the children, are exposed to the chaos – the influence of the forces of the illusion, diseases and misfortunes. Then some parents pray for help from the Heavens and ask, 'O Lord, what is the reason for such things happening to me? And to my children? What is the reason that they are sick, have no desire and ability to learn well and to succeed in life? ...'

Having the knowledge stated above, each parent could care in the best way for the Good of his children. I Bless every parent to succeed in this!


Rositsa Avela, with guidance from Beloved Saint Germain.


Question 3


Why others poured so much 'dirt' on me for what I did, if I felt that I was doing a good thing? Did I have lost the purity of my intentions and the right direction? Please help!

Question asked in Polish.



5 December 2011


I begin my answer to you with the following question: When you have done the thing that you have done, even if you felt that you are doing a good thing, were you have been asked by those to whom you have did it and who are now pouring 'dirt' on you? Were you have been asked by them to intervene in any way either through advice, thoughts, feelings, or some deeds in their live? It would be good to recall this and if it turns out that you have given wholeheartedly support without being asked for it, please read the Message given by the Lord of the world Gautama Buddha on 15 July 2011 'Application of the Divine Law of non-interference into other people's free choice without them explicitly requesting it and asking for it.'

If that is the case, then you could wholeheartedly repent before God for your well-intentioned intervention without being requested for it, ask forgiveness from God and separately from the Higher Self of each of those to whom you have helped without your help being requested by them, as thus you have changed their life plan. Finally, ask for forgiveness your Higher Self, as through that intervention of yours you have created karma that has changed the implementation of your life plan, which you have had coming into this incarnation.

But before you start doing all this, you need to tune yourself, elevate your consciousness, do some ministry in spirituality by reading prayers, a Message or whatever you practice might be that helps you most to elevate yourself to the Heavens. You may do this when you are alone at home, or in the temple of God after the service is over and you are alone with God, or when you are among nature. The important thing is to be elevated as much as possible to the Higher spheres, then repent to God and ask for forgiveness.

Then ask the Heavens for help. Ask these Ascended Masters, who you feel closest to your heart, to help you stop giving aid without being asked for it.

That is obviously something completely different from stopping to help people completely with the pretext that they missed to ask for your help. In most cases, people may be embarrassed to do it or they don’t know that specifically you could help them in the certain thing for which they need help in their live at that moment.

The right thing would be first to talk to them and let them know that you may help them, tell them you would be happy to give them your help, but only if they wish so, in the way they prefer and to the extent in which they prefer wish, as long as that suits you.

This will put your relationship with this person on a new basis, in compliance instead of violation of the Divine Law. Thus, you would create a new Divine pattern of right from the Divine perspective relationships that invite us to work off the karma between each other together with our Heavenly Masters. Many other people would be able to use this example after we have sown it in our world and it is available for all in the collective unconscious of the human society!

In order to finish all that in the best way, to get the best result for your spiritual development and transformation of the karma that you have created so far, I would advise you at the end to go to those who currently pour the 'dirt' on you for everything that you have done for them and with all the love for God that you have, to ask them personally for their forgiveness. Ask forgiveness for interfering in their live, as you thought that it was a good thing and you wanted to help them, but probably you have wronged them, for which you repent and want them to forgive you! Tell them that from now on you would help them only if they personally ask you for help!

That would be a great moment of transformation of your ego, your illusory part, it would be a balm for your soul, their soul and the best healing! This is the Teaching of Jesus on Love and Forgiveness in action!

I think there is enough power in your soul and you will handle that in the best way. Whatever happens to you, always remember to thank God! Thank that you are given the opportunity to grow through realising and correcting your own mistakes! Thank with Love to the Beings of Light, who would help you if you ask for their help to cope in the best possible way, while you ask forgiveness from your acquaintances. Thank your loved ones and friends when they forgive you. Thank them and give them your Love!

I would finish my answer with an excerpt from the message of Beloved Zarathustra on 6 August 2010 'Raise your flame and merge it with the Divine Fire!':

'This is your task now. This is your most important Ministry – the way of your life in this incarnation to lead to your inner Illumination and Transfiguration*. To open up to the maximum as many chakras, as possible and to constantly pass through them the Divine Light into your material world. So, that this Light fills the space around you, renews it, transfigures it and prepares it for the arrival of the Higher Beings of Light to you on the Earth.'

I wish you successful progress forward and upward on the Path!


Rositsa Avela


Light, Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony!

blue line

* As the transfiguration described in the Scriptures (Matthew 17:2), because the day of receiving this Message is the Lord's Transfiguration day.


Question 2



I try to work on myself, I try to change my life, but I still cannot give love from the heart. I do not feel it, as I would like to. It seems to me that I cannot feel love. I do not live in agreement with my husband lately, we live together, but we are more like neighbours. Same is with my kids, I do not give as much love as I would like to give them. Is my karma so heavy, so that I cannot experience love despite the attempts and efforts? Also, I do not know how to be happy and I'm too nervous. How should I achieve the love and joy? I try to read and understand the Messages, but in the turmoil of the day I forget about them and the nervousness prevails over my peace and joy.

I cannot handle this on my own. Is there any salvation for me, to be less nervous, more joyful and filled with love?

Please advise what to do in order to change and to open my heart to love and joy?

D. from Poland, 28 March 2011

If my question would help others, you can publish it. Thank you in advance for your reply and kind regards.



10 May 2011

Yes, there is salvation for you and for anyone who strongly wishes that and ask for help the Forces of Light. Your salvation depends on how much determined you are heading up towards it and whether you will be able to be self-disciplined in order to apply the given in the Teaching recommendations.

It would be good to get up earlier in the morning if possible, before you your daily life has started and stay awhile alone in the silence of your heart in communion with our Heavenly Masters. To do a ministry that you dedicate to the Common Good, for the salvation of our planet and life on it and for the salvation of the evolution of the earthly humankind, through the reading of prayers, invocations, the Violet Flame Decrees or meditating – according to your inner attitude and preferences. You would feel yourself which of the practices for a work in spirituality to choose. Finally, after you have elevated your consciousness as much as you can, you may read one of the Messages that we were given in the last six years, with all due respect to the Being of Light, who gave it. Think of what you can apply from the Message during the day that begins. Try to do that and if you succeed, rejoice, congratulate yourself and thank God for the help then try to make this recommendation your habit for the future. This way, day after day apply all previous recommendations and add try to work on a new one. During your ministry try to direct your thoughts only on what you read, without thinking about something from your daily life. During the day, try to speak slowly, smoothly and softly. Even if you feel nervous, remember about this recommendation and deliberately slow your speech, reduce tone and soften your pronunciation. Monitor yourself all the time! Drink plenty of water – at least 3 litres daily! The human body consists approximately 65-75% of water and you need it most in order to feel well. Especially now, when the changes on our planet started happening.

Limit as much as you can the watching of TV, listening to the radio and reading of any side information, regardless of whether on the Internet or on paper. This is also very important. You need to gradually free your consciousness of all unnecessary and illusory information, so that the help from the Heavens reaches more completely to you.

Limit also anything else that reduces your vibrations, as we are advised by our Teachers in their Messages to us. All that we need to know is given there. We just need to apply it.

Constantly ask for help from one or several Masters, who you feel closest to your heart and thank them for it. Every day!

Thank for the help that is given to you to be less nervous, more balanced and harmonious. If you wish, you may often say the invocation given by St. Archangel Gabriel to reside in Joy, Peace and Harmony and to thank for that help.*

Thank for Divine Love that flows into your heart, which you start feeling more and more, and which you are easily giving to the whole Creation, to all Heavenly Teachers and all Living beings here in this world. Thank for Divine Mercy to feel more and more love for your husband and children.

Another very important thing – go among nature outside the city and take time off to walk alone out of the way, to remain in silence and to ask for help elementals to renew and heal all your bodies. To stay there, remaining in silence and soak in nature with all your senses. I would be best to do this every week during the weekend.

The more you manage to maintain persistence, aspiration and gradually to start applying these recommendations,
even though you may not always succeed in everything, but then you again continue,
without blaming yourself,
and day after day to apply with Joy the recommendations
the more you will notice a change in the way you feel,
this change will increase and the time will come when you would be when of itself will be
amazed – you would be so wonderful!

Because on the foreground will come your true, unique Divine nature, and the one that you describe to me now – submerged in the illusion and torn by it, would be manifested less and less!

I wish you success, I give you my Love and Faith that you would cope with everything that I told you, that you would apply the recommendations given to us by the Ascended Beings of Light in the best way! You just need to wish that strongly, to take decision, to start, to request the help of God in order to be able to continue and to stay on the Path with the same aspiration, as in the beginning!

You may always write back and ask for anything. Each question is important and the answer may be useful. Everyone who is in incarnation is a unique Divine Creation, the salvation of every soul is infinitely valuable to the God and victory for the Forces of Light.


Rositsa Avela


Light, Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony!

blue line

* Help to reside in Joy, Peace and Harmony, Lord Gabriel, 19 November 2010


Question 1


What is the reason that I cannot find love with a man in all its aspects in my life? (M. from Poland, 15 March 2011)



Hello dear M.,

I would answer your question, even though it is not directly related to your development in spirituality, however, there is an indirect link if you wish it to be so! Thank you for that question, because other people, whether male or female, have it as well and the answer could be useful for anyone who follows the Path to God.

The reasons you were unable to find love with a man in all its aspects in your life so far, could be many and diverse coming from both your past incarnations, this incarnation, by the ancestral karma and from what you are at the moment with all your advantages and disadvantages. The past is past and it is better to stop putting our energy in it. You need to repent and ask forgiveness for all of your personal and your ancestors wrong choices; you need to do it wholeheartedly.

The more important question here is:

What should I do in order to experience in this incarnation Love in all its aspects with a husband beside me, who also progress on the Path to God?

You need to work firm on your own development and overcoming of your attachments. Your quest for Love with a man in all its aspects was unsuccessful so far, may be because you need to prepare for it yourself.

If you find a more perfect man are you able to meet its requirements for a wife before God? If his vibrations are much higher than yours, would you attract each other when you encounter or you will walk past each other without even realising that he was the man of your dreams? Perhaps this man exists, and when you prepare for him, your Paths will 'accidentally' cross and you will continue together on the Path thereafter. (For instance, if he gave up watching TV because he wants his mind to be clear and connected with God, but you still watch TV, would you be able to live together?)

The type of a man that is attracted to you depends on what you are on the field level. If the men with whom you are in contact are not your cup of tea, first you need to work on yourself and then a man with very different qualities might be attracted to you. Those with whom you have previously had contact, most likely were those with whom you have to work off some mutual karma. How then you would experience with such a person love in all its aspects.

Or maybe the one who is destined for such a complete relationship with you, needs more time to prepare himself and to pass his part of the Path towards you. In this case, what you need is a humble patience and gratitude that you constantly send to the Heavens, so that your energy could be given for his faster progress on the Path towards the intersection with your Path, when both of you would be ready to support and help each other in your growing in the spirituality.

Are you aware of what your motive is to have next to yourself a man?

Are you ready to be in a Ministry of the Common good together with a man beside you?

How do you imagine your life with a husband who is rather elevated spiritually? I said husband, because if there isn’t a common family aura, then that would be a direct violation of the Divine Moral Law and accumulation of a negative karma instead of Love in all its aspects between both of you.

Are you ready to unconditionally accept the person next to you as he is, with Divine Love towards him? Who is perfect in this world? When you meet someone, each of you has only partially managed to work off his/her imperfections and you have to have an acceptance and understanding on this issue. Are you ready to help him to render them, because when you get together, working off the imperfections of each of you becomes your common work as a team – between the two of you and with the help of the Beings of Light.

Are you ready to act in the right way by observing the Divine Moral Law, including that you are in sexual abstinence until marry, so that the time would come when you would meet your future husband? So that your Divine energy would multiply and would be used for your benefit and the benefit of your children, instead of creating a new negative karma and working off the negative karma that you have received from your sexual partners if you have had such.

Do you see how many questions are there?

Do you have answers to all of them? Sit down and think about it!

The bottom line is that the thing depends on you and your own improvement and transformation of your negative karma that hinders the fulfilment of your wish.

If you decide to do that self-perfection
blue-dotshow Humility before things, as they are currently in your life, you accept them with Gratitude to God,
blue-dotthen you demonstrate Perseverance and Self-discipline in your Aspiration to follow the recommendations given to us by our Heavenly Teachers to help us in our progress forward and upward towards the Divine heights,
blue-dotfinally, you show Patience and continue to thanks for everything that happens to you in life,
blue-dotyou constantly give thanks for the wonderful husband destined to you by the Heavens, who is the best for you from the Divine standpoint, so that both of you together progress on the Path to God and be of benefit to the Whole Creation,
blue-dotwhen you finally always accept the possibility that this may not happen, if such is the God's Holy Will, again thank for that with a quiet Joy, with Humility in our heart and great Love towards God, leave the situation in God's hands and you are really ready to accept EVERYTHING and remain in Joy,
blue-dotthen the time will come to meet the right person who can stand beside you if such is the God's Holy Will!

The time when this could happen depends solely on your own efforts and your determination to have constantly a vigilant consciousness in order to monitor each your thought, feeling and the word you utter to be a positive; when you constantly give this positivity of yours, Joy and Love to all around you.

You can write on a piece of paper what is your wish, what you expect, what are your negative qualities, what are your negative states of the consciousness, for example, what fears you have and what you need to work out. Then you may ask help from the Heavens for this and consider what kind of commitment you would accept, what you would give to the Heavens, so that this aid can reach you.

When you clarify this for yourself, demand, sincerely wish and ask for assistance the Forces of Light to fulfil your wish to have a husband and make sure to write at the end:

'May happen the God's Holy Will and may happen what is the best for my development in spirituality.'

Also, write down what kind of additional obligation you take towards God, so that you receive help in accomplishment of your wish. It would be better to take obligations that are easy to implement, so that you can do them every day without interruption and without being overloaded, until your wish is realised. For example, 5 times a day to say wholeheartedly 'May the Living Life be happy forever and ever!' or something else, whatever your heart tells you.

Then burn this sheet of paper and invoke the angels-messengers to deliver it to the Heavens to the Teacher that you feel closest to you.

I attach a fragment from the Message of Lord Maitreya from 21 July 2010, as perhaps you may find in it a part of the answer to your question:

'Application of these guidelines would only facilitate you in the future and would accelerate your progress on the Path. Because when you elevate your consciousness, when you have a high vibrations, when you are positive and filled with Gratitude towards God and the Father with all-embracing Divine Love towards Living Life, when you apply with Joy in the utmost degree all the Divine qualities that you have achieved so far, then the process of cleansing your karma, overcoming your ego and the development of the remaining Divine qualities that you should achieve becomes easier and less painful in real situations in your life.

Whether it would be hard and painful for you, for example, to quit smoking cigarettes or this would happen suddenly and without any disturbance to you, depends on yourself and on your daily work on yourself in the implementation of guidance given to you by the Ascended Beings of Light. The same applies to your liberation from all other bad habits, attachments, desires and the transformation of all your negative states of consciousness.'


May Lord's Blessing be upon You: Rositsa Avela


Light, Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony!