Recommendations on Messages-Pictures 'Help from the Higher octaves of Light'

6 March 2016

Dear friends, as the number of the Messages-Pictures 'Help from the Higher octaves of Light' in part 'Work in spirituality' on the UNIFICATION webpage exceeds two hundred, Lord Sanat Kumara has advised that it would be best if every time when new Message-Picture is uploaded on the webpage to see them at two times, in two consecutive days, approximately half of them each of the days.

Rositsa Avela


19 December 2013

Dear friends,

I convey the instructions given by Beloved Koot Hoomi, in the presence of Master Morya and Beloved Djwal Khul, on viewing the Picture-messages in colour and form which are posted on the UNIFICATION website:

'The Picture-Messages were given and posted on the site in strict order. They should be viewed in the same order in which they were given.

When a new Picture-message is posted on the site, it is good to look for a short time at the other Picture-messages from the first to the last one and only then to look at the new Picture-message.'

Therefore, from now on, upon announcing of a newly posted Picture-message, the link will lead to the first Picture-message, posted on the site.

Rositsa Avela


Guidance from the Lord Sanat Kumara

3 August 2013

Hello dear, Bright Souls,

Today Lord Sanat Kumara has come into my temple and instructed me that the same day to provide you the information that he will give. This information is dictated by the need of the time and refers to looking at the Messages-Pictures 'Help from the Higher octaves of Light' and listening to the songs "Songs for multiplication of Joy, Gratitude and Divine Love" that are published on the website, as well as downloaded from the website, and also the reading of texts that are given from Above containing woven in them Divine energy (Chapters Messages, Recommendations and Spiritual work).*

The Guidance is as follows:

The pictures published on the UNIFICATION website should be viewed without glasses and lenses and the songs should be heard without hearing aids/devices by the persons who use/wear such.

The same also applies if someone downloads the files and prints the pictures, and look at them at home and wherever, and listen to the songs.

From that moment on, due to the increase of the energy of the planet, it is important to comply with this requirement in the future, if the person wants to have a benefit, instead to remain without result or even suffer a loss because of what he does.

I was told this: 'As you are told that you shall be clean when you begin your Ministry to God, among other things – thoughts, feelings, attitude, ..., it also means to be as pure, as you have come into this world when you were born, without the crutches of your modern civilisation. Then you reach God, and you are like children, and God can inhabit your temple, rather than someone else.'**

In addition, anyone who decides to have a copy of such a picture and look at it, or listen to the song, you have to ensure in advance that the environment is harmonious, in Peace and Love between people, where this picture is exhibited for viewing, or where the song will be heard. And if any kind of negativity is admitted, you should ask for forgiveness from Above. And then the image has to be sprayed/ sprinkled with Live water prepared by the very person who owns the picture, and who utter over the water the invocation for purification and transformation of the water into Living Water. And finally to thanks to all the Heavenly Forces for the help.

It is good if the printed copies of the Pictures-Messages, posted on the website, are placed under a smooth glass (in a wooden frame) or without anything on the top, rather than putting them in a plastic foil, for example in a clear plastic folder for documents or laminate them. The same applies for printed images of the Masters, and for icons that people have. If someone wants to establish a connection with the Heavens and pray to a particular Master, if his image is in the plastic bag in order to be better preserved, at this point it should be removed from the plastic bag and then the person may sends his Gratitude and Love to the respective Master or saint, painted on the icon, or towards the Beings of Light that give/providing the pictures. This is because the glass is made from natural materials – quartz (sand), and is able to carry/conduct the Divine energies, in contrast to the lamination and when stored in plastic bag. Being artificially produced material that does not occur in nature, the plastic prevents the energy to move freely through it, in this case in both directions – from the image of the picture, the image of the Master or the saint on the icon, which connects with the Master/saint themselves with you and vice versa.

The benefit of working in spirituality – by reading the Messages, recommendations, by the invocations and prayers, by looking at the pictures and listening to the songs is the greatest/highest when people are outside of cities and the other large settlements, and it is best if they are alone in the midst of nature in silence.

As for the reading of the text of the Messages and all other texts given from Above, which are published on the website, as well as with respect to the reading of other sacred texts on paper or electronic media/carrier, the recommendation is the same – it is best that one read it without the help of any aids – glasses, lenses, magnifiers, which distort the text and the eye perceives them in different ways as energy.

At the end Lord Sanat Kumara, said the following:

"I AM Sanat Kumara, with Love to all of you who read the UNIFICATION website and try to implement the Teaching given by us and recommendations, and give you their support."



* Both on the website, as well as downloaded from it

** Additional information from Lord Shiva.



Logic of the events

Lord Sanat Kumara

7 April 2011

I AM Sanat Kumara

Today I come to you again, beloved children of the Earth. I appeal to those of you who despite the difficulties you encountered at every step, seek our help and continue to move forward on the Path to God. I congratulate you with this choice.

I came to inspire your confidence and to infuse you with new strength.

The process of cleansing the planet Earth has started, so that it can be saved for those of you who have made their choice in favor of the Real world of God. And this is a logical consequence of the choices and actions of humankind as a whole and its individual representatives made so far, and this is the only opportunity to continue the existence of the planet and life on it.

In addition of using in your life what you have been stated in the Messages that you have received from us so far through our Messengers, today I will give you guidance what you could do when you feel it become very difficult.

Print out and look at the pictures which our Messenger began to receive and draw each painting under the guidance of one of the Beings of Light.* They are quite real and active support of Heavens for you when you feel it is so difficult/hard that you have no strength and desire to do anything. In this case, the only thing you need to do before is to secure the peace and solitude.

Thank God while contemplating that among all the pictures that attract you most at that moment.

Thank as well, to all the Beings of Light who help you at all the times on your Path when you need help and you ask about it. Thank for everything that happens, because whatever happens, it's best for you and your soul and the souls of your loved ones, and for the further evolution of Earth's humanity, and for your entire planet.

Each of you will feel yourself how long he needs to look at the selected picture. And while you are looking at the picture and thank, you will gradually feel how you are filling up with new strength and desire to move forward and upward, and the understanding of Divine logic that whatever happened, happens, and whatever the future holds is the best in terms of Eternity.

I AM Sanat Kumara




* See the Messages-Pictures 'Help from the Higher octaves of Light' in the section 'Spiritual work' To download an image for printing from the UNIFICATION website, click on the selected picture. This will open another window with the same picture in larger format. Right click with mouse on the big picture and choose the option Save As... This will save the image on your computer with file extension JPG, which you can print directly or transfer to another computer with a color printer.